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PM Modi Took The First Step For Subverting The Menstrual Stigma

PM Modi Took The First Step For Subverting The Menstrual Stigma
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In the 74th Independence speech on August 15, PM Narendra Modi addressed the nation from Red Fort, focussing on various government and sustainable development policies.

However, one address to women empowerment sparked a furore on the twitter hailing PM Modi as the first Prime Minister to talk about the relevance and need of sanitary pads. 

He stated, “this government has been always concerned about the health of our daughters and sisters. Through 6,000 Janaushadhi centres, about five crore women have got sanitary pads at Re 1. For their weddings, we have made committees so that the money can be used at the right time.”

Does the key question arise as to why it has blown the minds of women? Undoubtedly, the menstruation has always been a fundamental part of womanhood, purely biological and natural. But even in the 21st century, it would not be wrong to say it is still a prevailing taboo and stigma in our country.

Moreover, the existing repugnance for a bleeding woman, which is something merely natural and biological needed to develop progeny, leads to loss of opportunities for women, causes self-loathing, produces loss of education.

And today, when PM broached the subject on the national stage, it can be recognized as the first essential step towards achieving the country we are waiting for, where the menstruation would not be considered ‘impure’ in our society, but a crucial and inevitable part of women’s life

Emphasizing the need and significance of sanitary pads, he hints upon the essential demand for menstrual hygiene and the eradication of stigmas associated with it.

Myriads of people tweeting and lauding PM :

Article written by Yogita Malhotra

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