Home National Times PM Modi’s 74th Independence Day Speech From Red Fort: Highlights

PM Modi’s 74th Independence Day Speech From Red Fort: Highlights

PM Modi’s 74th Independence Day Speech From Red Fort: Highlights
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Prime Minister Narendra Modi addresses the whole Nation from the majestic Red Fort in the National capital after unfurling the national flag at the iconic monument LAL QILA.

This year, the function at Red Fort is relatively muted in terms of people’s participation because of the situation created by COVID-19. The country has affected severely by COVID-19, which is more than 24 lakh people in the country.

Due to this pandemic situation, the general public is not invited to the event. Instead of 1,500 corona warriors and 500 police personnel who have recovered from the infection, attend the function in a symbol of the citizen’s determination to fight the pandemic and emerge winners.

Highlights of PM Modi’s address from Red Fort On 74th Independence Day:

PM Modi giving the best wishes to the Indians said we are breathing in a free India because of hundreds of thousands of our freedom fighters and today’s security forces, be it the army, the police, or other security forces.

India is passing in a tough situation of COVID-19, and he is missing the children here at the Red Fort because of the pandemic, and we must need to take adequate precautions, said Modi.

On behalf of the nation, Modi thanks the efforts of all corona warriors and healthcare workers, doctors and nurses, who have worked tirelessly to serve the country.

The day of freedom and Independence is a day that we must remember the sacrifice of all our freedom fighters. It is a day that brings joy and hopes to us all.

74th Independence Day brings new energy and determination to take the nation forward. When we reach that milestone, we will celebrate our 75th year of Independence grandly.

India faced centuries of foreign rule, so many efforts were made to destroy our country, culture, and traditions. They underestimated our self-belief and determination that we lived through it all and emerged victorious in the end, said Modi.

Many countries were busy finding new places to put their flags and wanted to expand their empire on India; they underestimated us. The world has seen two world wars, and so many countries faced immense destruction, but we overcome it all. The world recognized our freedom fighters struggle.

Today, India is working on three COVID-19 vaccines, which are at different stages of trials. Once they are closer to getting the final clearances stage, we will announce a roadmap for distribution said PM.

Modi admits there are lakhs of challenges for India to become Atma-nirbhar (self-reliant), and yes, there is competition from the rest of the world. If India faces lakhs of problems, it also has 130 crore solutions said PM.

India is working to double farmers’ income. However, a businessman has the freedom to sell their product or service in any part of the country or the world, and at a price they want, our farmers, till now, did not have that freedom, and now the restriction has removed said, Modi.

When India put it on minds, India can achieve anything. India never made PPE kits, our production of masks and ventilators was meager, but today India making them all said, Modi.

History is evidence that when India is determined to achieve something, it has always done so. A self-reliant India has become the mantra for 130 crore Indians, and we must make it said, Modi.

How long will India export raw material and import finished goods? Time has come that we put this cycle to an end. India must now manufacture everything it consumes, and not just that – export to the world too as we grow said, Modi.


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