Policing is in her DNA-Dr. Santosh Bala Special Secretary to Home Dept,Govt.of Odisha

Dr Santosh Bala, IPS, Special Secretary to Home dept, Odisha.


Dr Santosh Bala, IPS, Special Secretary to Home dept, Odisha.Dr. Santosh Bala, a distinguished Officer, Special Secretary to Home Dept., has been tirelessly serving the nation with unwavering dedication and integrity. Throughout her tenure, she has shown a deep commitment to ensuring justice for all, especially for citizens from marginalized sections. As an IPS officer, she believes that every individual deserves equal treatment under the law and she has made it as her mission to uphold the sanctity at large.


One of the key aspects of Dr. Bala is the role of technology in the modern world. She recognizes that technology is a double-edged sword, capable of bringing both progress and challenges. In the digital age, cybercrime has become rampant, posing a threat to law and order. To combat this issue, our robust policing system has been at the forefront of developing cutting-edge technologies to identify and apprehend miscreants operating in cyberspace.


Acknowledging the global nature of cybercrime, Dr. Bala emphasizes the importance of public education in curbing this menace. Given that the internet transcends geographical boundaries, law enforcement agencies often have to operate beyond their jurisdiction. Dr. Bala strongly believes that educating the public about the risks and precautions related to cybercrime is crucial in mitigating its impact. However, she acknowledges that addressing this issue beyond India’s borders remains a challenge, as it requires international cooperation and concerted efforts.


Eulogising the dexterity of Naveen Patnaik’s government, Dr. Bala was gung-ho about the development that has taken place in the last decade in Odisha. She went on to admire the non interference of the current government mechanism when it comes to execution of law and order. That’s truly phenomenal in nature to disburse justice to the victims leaving the idea who is the perpetrator on the other  side.


Beyond her professional endeavors, Dr. Bala draws inspiration from the harmonious nature of the state she serves. She is particularly captivated by the tribal culture prevalent in many tribal belts. The rich traditions and customs of these communities have left an indelible mark on her, reaffirming her commitment to protect and preserve the cultural diversity that defines the nation.


As a champion of women empowerment, Dr. Bala firmly believes in the potential of women to excel in every field. She advocates for women’s rights and acknowledges their achievements across various domains. Dr. Bala stresses the significance of gender sensitization, particularly during the formative years, and believes that it is essential to address this issue within families. By promoting equality and awareness, she envisions a society where women can thrive and contribute to the nation’s progress uninhibitedly.


Despite her demanding professional life, Dr. Bala remains a private person who nurtures several hobbies. Gardening allows her to find solace and connect with nature amidst the bustling responsibilities of her role. She also finds respite in reading and listening to music, both of which provide her with a much-needed escape and intellectual stimulation.


Dr. Santosh Bala’s remarkable journey as Special Secretary to Home Dept. exemplifies her commitment to justice, technological advancements, and societal progress. Through her honest and dedicated service, she has become an inspiration for aspiring bureaucrats and citizens alike. Her unwavering attempts to uphold the principles of justice, empower women, and preserve cultural heritage ensures that her legacy will endure, leaving a lasting impact on the system she serves.

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