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Post-workout habits to promote weight loss


It is a well known fact that having a healthy diet and working out regularly is one of the major sources of weight loss. Working out regularly maintains the functioning of our body’s immune system while a proper diet helps consume the sufficient amount of nutrients and a counted calories intake. Similarly, post workout habits are very essential in weight loss. They maximise the chance to weight loss. Here are 4 ways of post workout routine :

  1. Hydrate yourself
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Drinking plenty of water and having a nutrient-dense snack is the best way to refuel yourself after an intense workout. Refuelling is imperative to growth and muscle recovery.

2. Take time to cool down

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Stretching and taking some time to cool down is one of the utmost important feature after a workout. Heart rate must come back to normal. An intense workout needs a proper time to cool your body down and bring it to a moderate working out rate. Light stretching can help a long way.

3. Lose tight muscles

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Adding mobility work after a good weight lifting or cardio session is important as the muscles are warm and malleable. Using a tennis ball or other mobility tools to loosen the tight muscles and improve your stability and posture. These types of exercises can improve your recovery and prevent injuries.

4. Avoid having a bag of processed chips

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As tempting as bag of chips is, it is essential for a person to drink enough water and have a nutrient rich snack after a session of workout. You should have lean protein, carbohydrates and little amount of fats in your diet.

Written by Ompriya Sahoo

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