Home Entertainment Times Prakruti Mishra lodges an FIR against cyber-bullying

Prakruti Mishra lodges an FIR against cyber-bullying

Prakruti Mishra lodges an FIR against cyber-bullying

National award-winning actress Prakruti Mishra files a written complaint in the Mancheswar police, Odisha station on Wednesday against a web portal for allegedly cyber-bullying and defaming her and her family over several social media platforms for a liquor brand she had been endorsing over Instagram.

“A youtube channel as well as certain websites have been circulating a propaganda for defaming mine as well as my parents name in public. The web portals have been telecasting unscrupulous stories over an image related to brand endorsement. The articles and videos have dragged my parents tarnishing their as well as my image. ” said the actress in her complaint.

She further stated that being an actress, endorsement and brand collaboration is a part of her work routine. Defaming the name of my family and disrespecting them for some unethical news to skyrocket TRP is wrong in the part of workers who should provide rightful information to the public.

Prakruti Mishra lodges an FIR against cyber-bullying 1

” This sort of intentional insults and allegations have disrupted my peace of mind. This might also affect my career in mere future. I have fallen prey to cyber bullying on a personal level.” she added.

Mancheswar police lodges a complaint under section 500 of the IPC and 67 of the IT Act-2008.

She bravely took a stand for those million artists by providing courage to those who are prey to different atrocities of this industry. Propagating rumours on a personal basis might lead to mental depression and might hamper one’s work schedule.

She further added, ” The news portals must work on providing the essential information that must reach the public by uttering the truth rather than dragging misleading information’s and jotting disgraceful comments. I would not appreciate such negativity. I hope this FIR stops the negativity.”

Written by Ompriya Sahoo

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