Success in the clothes retail industry is determined by your understanding of retail operations and the suitability of your abilities and personality for the job. You must love meeting people, be competent in the art of client retention, have a talent for selecting clothes that people will buy, and have a large dose of fashion sense to work in the apparel retail industry. Although the industry may appear glamorous, you must be willing to work long hours and stay on your toes to react to every market development.

Mr Hazarimal Mundhra, on the other hand, went into this sector with zeal, gaining knowledge and skill in the field and even giving training courses to others only to promote the technical know-how of retailing.


Rajratan offers a wide range of Latest & Trending Fashion Readymade Garments Products in Cuttack to its customers, including Men’s Wear, Shirts, Jeans, Trousers, T-Shirts, Formals, Lowers, Boxers, Men’s Accessories, Belts, Perfume, Gents Purse, and more. Rajratan acts as the best Diesel Jeans retailer in Cuttack because it prioritizes customer satisfaction, quality, empathy, and kind support; In Cuttack, Rajratan has a notable location. This store is easy to find because there is a lot of public transportation available, making it simple for anyone visiting for the first time. Rajratan wants to grow its product line and customer base, so it’s going the extra mile to provide its products and services online to reach a wider audience.

Rajratan has its brand value; if we go down the lane, we can feel the sense of true quality from Rajratan. Now their store is preceded by the 3rd generation of the Mundhra’s. Mr Suraj Mundhra, who is presently posted as the company secretary, has a lot of dreams and visions. Mr Suraj is a CA by profession and has also worked with many MNCs. But as said, life has its destiny; he loved taking care of their family business and supporting their growth. When it comes to the Rajratan people, they have already built the trust of growth, promise, and quality. Mr Suraj says they never feel intimidated by seeing new players on the ground. Rather, they feel more powerful and consistent in delivering more quality in their work.


Since 2020 started, life has been more challenging, and people have started running at the pace of living. However, Rajratan has never missed their team may, whether in capital or support; they have always treated them like family. Covid had given a lot of trouble to the retail field, but their backups and good planning helped them stand strong in the difficult times.

Now Rajratan has built up a new space family mall of 15000 sq ft for the customers in Bhubaneswar. As we all know, Rajratan has its roots in Cuttack and has also planned to make it a pan-India resolution.  The 2nd generation of the Mundhra’s gave stability to the business by accommodating the perfect performance. They have been incredibly leading the retail industry with all confidence.


Lastly, they addressed that they will be up with more new plans and ideas to build up their team and expand Rajratan.



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