Promoting Agriculture in different districts of Odisha : Mr. Muralidhar Adhikari, CEO, Jaivik SRI Farmers Producer Company Ltd.



Mr. Muralidhar Adhikari is the CEO of Jaivik SRI Farmers Producer Company Limited and also working as Team leader in PRAGATI NGO. He has pursued Bachelor in Arts. He has attended many professional trainings and workshops and has 25 years of experience in Social sector implementing projects in natural resource management, sustainable agriculture, organic farming, diversion based irrigation and solar irrigation. The Interview times had a opportunity to have a conversation with him through questionnaire, below are the answers he responded to the questionnaire –Q1- What let you to start a farmers producer company? 
Answer – I have been working with small and marginal farmers of South Odisha, especially in Koraput District since last 25 years. I have seen the farmers problems and distress from very close lens and I always had a vision to help the farmers escape out of their situation. I started the Jaivik SRI Farmers Producer Company with the vision to enhance income and quality of life of the small and marginal farmers by enhancing their access to quality inputs, information, infrastructures and prevent distress sell by linking them to better markets.

Q2- You are providing a varieties of products, can you please share the details about it? 
Answer – Our Company works in the value chain of millets, ginger, coffee, turmeric and aromatic rice. The company promotes green energy through solar irrigation and home lighting systems through easy installment systems and better service provisions. To prevent free grazing which is a critical problem for the farmers especially for winter and summer crops, our company also markets fencing materials at fair price. Q3- What did you like to do in your free time?
I like to learn and understand the scenario of the farmers issues in different corners of the world and the efforts taken by different stakeholders as well as policy makers to address the problems of farmers and farmlands. I love to read the literature available in internet, research papers and other sources to learn the success stories, strategies and policy decisions to address the farmers issues . I like to do networking and collaboration with multiple stakeholders. I visit farmers’ fields and interact with farmers to understand their critical needs and aspirations.
Q4- What advise you want to give farmers who are facing challenges?
Answer – I would advise the farmers to get organized and build /join collective platform which is perhaps the most significant strategy to overcome their distress.

Q5- Do you always wanted to start something related to Agriculture?
Answer – I always wanted to learn and apply new and innovative practices in agriculture especially which would benefit the small and marginal farmers. With that vision, I promoted extensively System of Rice Intensification and System of Millet Intensification in Koraput District and also adjacent districts of Rayagada and Nabarangapur. And also, I have spread the technology beyond state boundary through trainings and demonstrations to NGOs, progressive farmers and Government line departments.
I have a vision to prevent distress sell and ensure judicious price for the farmers. With that ideology, I have facilitated the Farmer Producer Company which directly works for 1026 shareholders and indirectly benefits more than 10,000 farmers.Q6- What hobbies you have and which one you liked the most?
Answer – I research internet to know about agriculture innovations in different corners of the globe. I also like to listen to farmers innovations from the farmers in their field. I have the hobby to collect indigenous variety of seeds. I enjoy travelling especially to learn from different successful practitioners in agriculture and allied sectors. I like to be self-dependent and create opportunities for others through micro-enterprises.


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