Puri Jagannatha Temple Inks MoU With Birla Foundation For Adarsha Gurukul

by Dikhyaa Mohanty

The Shree Jagannatha Temple Managing Committee (SJTMC) today inked a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Birla Foundation for the establishment of Adarsha Gurukul for the children of the temple’s sevayats (servitors). “Today we signed an MoU with Birla Foundation for the establishment of the Gurukul,” informed VV Yadav, Chief Administrator of Shree Jagannatha Temple Administration (SJTA) briefing reporters after the SJTMC meeting here today. The SJTMC also approved leasing out 32 acres of land at Matitota to be handed over for the establishment of Gurukul, Yadav added.

The SJTA Chief Administrator said that Jagannatha Van Prakalpa was discussed at the meeting. “Out of the earlier decided 4,000 hectares on which plantation was to be carried out, trees have been planted on about 3,600 hectares. In today’s meeting, it was decided that a few members of the SJTMC will be visiting the project to make an assessment of the situation at the project. Apart from this, we have 16,00 acres of land in the name of Mahaprabhu which is of ‘Jungle Kissam’. We will request the Forest department to take up plantation of tree varieties which are required for Mahaprabhu’s work,” said Yadav. He said Pramod Udayan Prakalpa and Shree Gundicha Temple development also came up for discussion during the meeting. “The SJTMC approved the basic plan made by us.  We will go for the tendering process and the detailed plan will be worked out after consultation with all stakeholders,” he added. The Chief Administrator SJTA further informed that the damaged beam and column of the Shree Gundicha Temple which requires immediate repair was also discussed at the meeting.

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