Why are reality shows gaining so much importance in India?


Reality shows is a huge center of attraction specially in India. It attracts the attention of viewers for a longer time and also gives them their much-needed dose of entertainment. Let us understand why Reality shows are gaining so much importance in India? If we glance through the daily user analysis, we will find that Reality shows engage at least 70% of the youth audience which is a large population of the youth. Let us have a glance at some of the famous reality shows and understand how they work, and whatever the several reasons for them gaining much popularity in a country like India. Some of the very famous reality shows include – Bigboss which is aired on colours, Roadies and Splittsvilla aired on MTV and the recent show LockUpp that has surpassed all the records and has a viewership of 3 million just in the live feed.


Three of the shows work from a very different perspective. The bigboss is more of a show that reflects the troubles and issues one has in their own household. The set design is also like a house and the inmates who participate there are called “Ghar ka Sadashya”. A survey has also found out that this show is likeable by majority audience because they found it relatable with normal scenarios one tends to face at home. Above that the hosting of Salman Khan and invitation of several special guests makes the show much more interesting and appealing. Now if we talk about Roadies it is an adventure reality show.


It appeals the audience who some how like to have the thrill factor in themselves and the elimination tasks ,vote outs are practical reflections of what betrayal, love and friendship looks like in the real life scenario. When we talk about the most trending show LockUpp , we tend to understand it is also the content apart from everything else that is grabbing the attention. The set is designed in such a way that it looks like a proper jail. Thus this concept keeps audience glued and helps them to take a taste of reality sitting infront of their televisions.

By Anisha Ganguly

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