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Reserve Bank of Kailasa
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Thousands of kilometres away, on a little island off the shoreline of Ecuador, self-asserted godman Nithyananda, who is likewise a fugitive and rape accuse will commend the dispatch of “Reserve Bank of Kailasa” with his devotees.

Kailasa is the name of Nithyananda’s “country” of which he designated himself “head of the country”. The name of this supposed “country” has been presented since November a year ago when Nithyananda fled India in the wake of neglecting to show up in more than 50 court hearings.

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Video credited by Hindu Reserve Bank of Kailasa via youtube

The specific area of Kailasa is obscure however media reports citing police sources propose it is on a little island that Nithyananda bought off the shore of Ecuador.

 “I am not a Hindu reformer, I am a revivor,” he proclaims in his most recent video.

As indicated by its official site (www.kailaasa.org), Kailasa has been established by a group of “seized individuals who lost the option to rehearse Hinduism truly in their own nations”.

The site portrays it as a “stateless country” that doesn’t look for a new area “but instead discretionary acknowledgment as the genuine agent of the belief system of edified mankind”.

In his words, the financial approach would manage “how we will do inner money trade and outer world cash trade”.

Nithyananda is a so-called self-styled godman who is blamed for various violations, including assault. He is accepted to have fled India at some point in November a year ago. From that point forward, he has been consistently delivering video messages to his devotees. In one of the recordings he announced himself to be the leader of the “country” of Kailasa.

Written By Chanderveer Singh

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