Resilience Chronicles: From Orphan to Advocate, A Woman’s Journey of Empowerment, Leadership, and Politics

She aims to become an MLA with a vision built in empathy and advancement, a representative who will fight for the causes that are most important to her constituency.


One woman’s path from orphanhood to empowerment has evolved into an uplifting tale of hope and transformation, serving as a stunning example of the strength of resiliency and compassion. She worked tirelessly to develop schools that not only provided education but also served as safe shelters for children who had also experienced loss. These institutions demonstrate that fate need not be predetermined by external factors and can function as symbols of opportunity.

She set her sights on politics because she was driven by a desire for change and saw it as a platform to make structural changes in the lives of her fellow people. She began her political career with the goal of speaking up for the voiceless and making changes that would elevate those in need since she had a keen awareness of the difficulties that her district was facing. Her relentless dedication to building a more fair society served as the foundation for her vision, which included better healthcare, upgraded infrastructure, and more employment possibilities.

She aims to become an MLA with a vision built in empathy and advancement, a representative who will fight for the causes that are most important to her constituency. Prabhasini Nanda illustrates the transformational power of one woman’s resiliency, generosity, and unshakable devotion to the development of society via her path from orphan to leader.

 It is every girl’s dream to get married and start a family. But she was an exception. She quit her job at a young age and moved forward with her addiction to society. The mother of the poor orphaned by leaping over the family barriers. Prabhasini Nanda, the female talent of  nayagarh , is the mother of more than 2000 children, although she is not married. Prabhasini is a well-known name in the household of nayagarh , not only for social service but for politics. She is serving as the Senior Vice President of Women’s Biju Janata Dal.


Have you ever desired to pursue your own dreams?

My dream is to build the future of poor children. Since childhood, I have dreamed of serving people and fulfilling their expectations. I have always made efforts to realize it and will continue to do so. My personal dream is nothing but help  to people.


Why did the idea of setting up a residential school cross your mind?

While I was at school, I was studying alongside a lot of orphans.  I wanted to support every child instead of getting married. I created this institute in 2006 after quitting my job . Children will become independent and educated due to school. The poor, orphans, Harijans, and tribal students are now being educated in the school.


Despite not being married, you care for more than 2000 children; how happy are you with that?

If I had been married, my one or two children would have called me mother .

At this point, hundreds of kids are addressing me as their mother. They are happy in the morning when they are with him and  I’m happy about that. It is wonderful to have hundreds of children without being their natural mother.


When you quit your job and decided to do social work, was your family supportive?

My family disapproved when I decided to follow the path of the social service. Many questioned my decision . But i was already passionate about helping people.  So I took this path with the idea that I am there for those who are alone. I’ve achieved it after a lot of effort.


Nurturing so many kids while securing their futures? Does your financial situation ever been an issue?

I had to ask for help from individuals when I first opened the institution to pay for the children’s food and educational aids . Later, the District Magistrate provided  very enormous help. Numerous sympathisers are offering assistance ,  supplying the youngster with food and other items at various times. I personally invest the money I earn as a lawyer.


How was the journey from social service to politics?

Politics is a means of service. It is easy to get closer to people through politics. I have been in social service since the beginning. It was the love of the people that compelled me to join politics. I will try to fulfill people’s wishes and expectations .


Are you still vying for an MLA ticket?

I am, in fact, competing for a BJD ticket. Being elected as an MLA  , I will serve the people and connect with them.


Is Prabhasini contesting as an MLA in 2024?

Honorable Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik is giving importance to women empowerment . Women are contributing many efforts in politics . I am a disciplined worker of the party. If Hon’ble Chief Minister gives ticket then I will contest election.


Queen Palace in Nayagarh is now being built; will BJD be able to finish it by 2024?

The news is spreading throughout Nayagarh , regarding this revelation of weightlessness news , we have nothing to say. The BJD dominates every ward in the district of Nayagarh. Nobody here will be trusted by the people apart from BJD.  Only BJD and Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik are loved by the public.


What is Prabhasini’s vision for the future?

Children are my life wherever they are. Their service is my priority. As I progressed in the field of politics, I thought about the development of nayagarh . Priority will be given to the development of farmers, youth and women. I am determined to develop advanced areas.

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