Revolutionary In Health-Care System Of Odisha

Dr. Shovan Rath is one of the few renowned Doctor’s of Odisha who has dedicated his life to pursue medicine as a service to mankind. His transformation through innovation by making a pain-free Odisha has brought many laurels to his kitty. Dr. Rath has exclusively shared his ideas and vision in his profession & his personal life with Interview Times

What is your idea behind making pain-free Odisha. Do you have any plans to extend rest of the India.

Pain-Free Odisha is just a concept actually that was conceptualized in 2010. When I came to Bhubaneswar, there was no active interventional pain clinic in Odisha. So the first plan was to establish one clinic and gradually we will extend it, we’ll start it in Bhubaneswar, then we will gradually extend the process all over Odisha. So initially, because the subject was new, my plan was to make awareness and create awareness among the people so that people will be knowing about the importance of pain management. And what are the interventional pain procedures that we are doing that we should adopt That is why the name I have given from the very beginning was Pain-free Odisha. To make Odisha pain-free and the first clinic we started in Bhubaneswar, gradually we will be increasing these clinics to different places in Odisha and in fact outside Odisha so that these services can be available all over India.

What is the idea & thoughts behind making a Pain-free Odisha

Yeah, interventional pain procedure. I meant to say these are interventions that we do normally. What happens in pain management is a subject that comes from the anesthesia department. It is just like another super specialty that is pain clinic or pain management services in that there are two things that is one is palliative care. Palliative care services mean end-of-life care services to terminally ill patients, like cancer patients, and neurological patients are there who are bedridden and they cannot move about and they are almost bedridden and in the terminal stages of their life. So that is one part that is palliative care and another is interventional pain. And by that means interventions we do at the spinal cord or at the nerve level, there are different nerves in the body, that carry out the sensation to the brain we just cut the circuit from the pain source to the brain so that the brain won’t be feeling that kind of pain. And we can go with the normal treatment of the disease so this is what is interventional pain management.

Do you find is  any side effects for this unique  treatment as per the patients health is concerned.

There are no side effects in all of these procedures. The best part is these procedures are daycare procedures. So we do it on a daycare basis patient would be admitted in the hospital. There is no need of any kind of general anesthesia, so there is no risk of anesthesia. Also we do it in a local anesthesia per se. The patient will be conscious and there is almost nil complications or very negligible complications that go away with normal procedures or normal injections that we feel that’s it. And the beauty of this procedure is a number of times we can repeat this it is not that once surgery is done and second time it cannot be done but this is something it can be repeated many times. And another best part is there are many people like somebody who is suffering from a cardiac illness, somebody is having diabetes or hypertension for that suppose they are afraid of going for surgery or surgery cannot be done in that kind of patients and this is a beautiful thing for them because in them we can do these procedures and there is no particular age limit.

What are the other services Health village as a hospital brand  offering people of Odisha .

To the basic part of pain management. It starts from head to toe. Initially, if we divide, there are two divisions that is acute pain and chronic pain. Acute pain is something when you are having an injury, then you are treating it. It is just like normal. Now, if some pain stays with you even after the medical treatment, physiotherapy, everything that stays for more than three to six weeks that we tell as chronic pain. And it can be either a cancerous pain or a noncancerous pain. What we do is we try to block the nerves. Suppose per se we’ll start with the cancer pain. Suppose somebody is having a gallbladder cancer. There is a celiac plexus of nerves which usually takes the signal from that place. We go to that place, put some amount of acid so that it will be burned out, so that patient won’t be feeling any kind of pain. So from head to toe, anywhere the cancer is, we can block those areas so that patient won’t be feeling any kind of pain.

There are oral medications also nowadays there are patches are coming. So apart from blocking nerves only now again pain management services are being done with the spinal cord. Like endospine surgeries are being done, vertebroplasties are being done and spinal cord stimulator.

Odisha is picking up in most sectors including Health. So what’s Your take on this

I’ll also say that including pain management services again, Odisha will be a leading state because we are providing all sorts of interventions. You can say anything on par with outside India services. All procedures are being done under ultrasound as well as under fluoroscope. These are guided procedures, as I said and these are the only services which is available at this place. You can say we have this hospital, health Village hospital where in the brand of pain-free Odisha were are providing this kind of services and this is at par with any of the services available outside Odisha, outside India also.

Can you share your secret of making a top hospital brand of Odisha

I have worked the initial days when I came to Bhubaneswar , actually I was new to city, so I joined over at SUM Hospital. They have also helped me a lot in establishing a pain clinic. In fact, that was the initial place where I started my pain clinic with a radio frequency machine as well as the Ozone machine. They have helped me a lot but gradually I wanted to establish the services to become a common man at different areas. So that is why I wanted to have my own project. So that it becomes easy for me to spread it to different districts, different areas. And it should be with my ideology, what I want. That is why I wanted my freedom to serve the people in my way. Which may not be possible. It is not about some hospital. It is about any other hospital. It may not be possible. That is why I choose to have my own hospital where I can serve the people the way I want . More power to Dr Rath






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