Riots in France continue for the third day as rioters burn down the largest library in Marseilles


For a third night, there were riots in France after a youngster was killed by a police shooting; there were also several fires in various areas, looted police cars, and store break-ins. In other areas of the nation, rioters also destroyed automobiles, robbed banks, and constructed barricades. Alcazar, Marseilles’ largest library, was also a victim of the violence and was set on fire.

There were about 40,000 police officers deployed nationwide. Overnight, 875 individuals were detained while more than 200 police officers sustained injuries. During altercations with youngsters in Marseille’s Le Vieux Port tourist attraction, police used tear gas grenades.

In a last-ditch effort to regain control of the situation after rioters set vehicles and structures on fire in the third night of unrest caused by the death of Algerian teenager Nahel, the government ordered all local authorities to stop all public transportation early on Friday evening.

Parts of Paris, as well as Marseille, Lyon, Pau, Toulouse, and Lille, have seen an uptick in violence. Videos of the looting, business burning, and altercations between rioters and police have gone viral. France’s cities and villages now resemble a war-torn area with burned-out cars and looted businesses after only three days of unrest.

The French government has announced that extra police would be sent there. President Emmanuel Macron. To keep their children off the streets, he pleaded with parents. “Keeping them at home is the parents’ responsibility. He warned: “The state shouldn’t take their place.

Following a crisis conference with his ministers, the president also slammed social media and video games. The French president said that social media was significantly contributing to the turmoil and added that he wanted services like TikTok and Snapchat to remove sensitive information.

The police officer who shot Nahel has apologized to his family. He is suspected of committing a willful killing, and according to his lawyers, he is “devastated.”He begged his loved ones to pardon him.He said the policeman had fired at his chest after colliding with him while aiming for his leg.

Following the death of a teenager by a police officer on June 27, there were demonstrations and violence in the outskirts of Paris. Nahel M., a 17-year-old delivery agent, worked in that field. When he attempted to depart the site where bullets were fired, he was stopped by the police and requested to provide documents while he was driving. He was instantly killed when one of the bullets struck him in the chest.

The instruction to stop was issued under a routine traffic check. The victim was previously convicted of failing to stop at a signal as well as driving without a license. The accused official was detained on suspicion of manslaughter.

President of France Emmanuel Macron issued a statement over the incident. “We share the emotion and pain of the family and loved ones of the young man. I want to tell them our solidarity and the nation’s affection is with them.” He proclaimed that the gendarmes (paramilitary forces) and police are committed to serving the country and its people.

He voiced, “I thank them every day for that. They do so within an ethical framework that must be respected. It is up to justice to establish the truth and assign responsibility. I hope that this work can be completed quickly.”

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