RMRC Head Sanghamitra Pati Felicitated With Amanta Chandra Sekhar Award


Dr. Sanghamitra Pati, Director of Regional Medical Research Centre (RMRC), won the prestigious Odisha Bigyan Academy’s Samanta Chandra Sekhar Award for 2018.

For the Outstanding Research Contribution, the award is honored by the State Science and Technology Department. Along with one lakh prize, certificate, shawl, and a silver emblem were given to Sanghamitra Pati. She is an expert on multimorbidity research in public health. Multimorbidity is the conjunction of two or more chronic conditions that are frequently accepted in primary care populations. Multimorbidity is exceptionally heterogeneous, departing from multiple states in frail elderly to combinations of mental health disorders and substance use. It is estimated that every fourth adult and two in three patients over 65 years of age are multimorbid. In primary care, these estimates are even higher, and multimorbidity is a standard among elderly adults.

Areas like primary care, psychiatric multimorbidity, patient-physician perspectives on the burden of multimorbidity, mapping of multimorbidity in medical education, and interprofessional education related to multimorbidity come under Dr. Pati’s category. In fact, the RMRC led by Dr.Sanghamitra Pati played a significant role in Coronavirus testing in Odisha.

Article Written by Dikhya Mohanty

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