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Road Accidents Declines By 65 per cent Due To Lockdown In Odisha

Road Accidents Declines By 65 per cent Due To Lockdown In Odisha
Road Accidents Declines By 65 % Due To Lockdown In Odisha

The lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic where people are forced to stay at home for their own safety is showing some raffles for the civilians of Odisha. The State has registered a sharp slump in the number of road accidents and also the deaths due to road mishaps.

The State Transport Authority (STA) shared that the number of such deaths fell by around 65% between March 25 and May 31. The lockdown and shutdown have indirectly termed as a blessing for the motorists and saved the lives of people who were fated to lose their lives in road mishaps.

In April 2020 the number of deaths due to road accidents was 118 against the number 485 in April 2019, registering a decline of about 74%. The total mishaps reported in April 2020 were 231 against 877 in April 2019.

According to the officials, last year around 1087 people died and 2175 people were injured in 2107 road mishaps. But this year around 384 persons died and 722 persons were injured in 836 road accidents due to amidst of complete lockdown

In May 2020 the number of deaths was 243 against 494 in May 2019 showing the decay of about 51%. At around 551 numbers of accidents were reported in May 2020 with against 953 in May 2019.

Since the lockdown was announced all kinds of transport systems like two-wheelers, four-wheelers, trucks, railways, airways, and other vehicles were restrained. To which the number of accidents and accidental deaths plummeted sharply in the state automatically.

The lockdown also has an impact on the collections of the motor vehicle. From April to June there has been a collection of Rs 159.8 crore with against a collection of Rs 384 crore in those same months last year. At around 58 percent decline in the motor, revenue collection was a witness in the first quarter.

But then the government made some relation in the lockdown process. In June, Rs 96 crore was collected against Rs 112.7 crore in June 2019, which is a decrease of 14.8%. 

Article Written by Dikhya Mohanty

Image Source: Google

Image Source: Google

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