Royal Bengal Tiger From Maharashtra Covers 750 Kms To Reach Odisha Forest


A Royal Bengal Tiger that was recently spotted on camera in a forest in the Gajapati district traveled about 750 km through four States before arriving in Odisha. The same large cat was previously captured on camera in a forest in Maharashtra in 2021, according to PCCF Susanta Nanda. It encompassed Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, and Chhattisgarh.

Similar to individual fingerprints, tigers’ stripes are incredibly distinctive. We sent the tiger to the Wildlife Institute of India (WII) after we got a picture of it so they could identify the original habitat. After comparing the image with another from their collection, the WII verified that the animal originated in Chandrapur, which is part of the Brahmhapuri forest division in Maharashtra. The tiger was initially photographed in Maharashtra in 2021, according to Nanda.

It has now traveled about 750 kilometers to get to Odisha. Large cats typically migrate in search of mates and safer environments. The PCCF said that it might arrive for the same reason. Since September, the tiger has been sighted in the Gajapati district’s Mahendra forest range. The Parlakhemundi forest division officials in the Gajapati district have been following the wild animal’s movements since it was sighted within their jurisdiction. Five groups have been established to closely monitor the tiger’s movements. The district’s Analabara village residents became alarmed when the tiger killed a cow by mauling it.

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