Salman Khan questions the mother of Abhishek Kumar, the sister-in-law of Ankita Lokhande


Ankita Lokhande, Vicky Jain, and Abhishek Kumar are among the remaining contestants whose families have been invited to speak about them on the show this weekend. In the latest teaser, host Salman Khan poses all the awkward questions to the mother and sister-in-law of Ankita Lokhande and to the mother of Abhishek Kumar, who made an appearance on the show. Salman is shown in another teaser questioning Vicky’s sister-in-law and Ankita Lokhande’s mother about his mother’s statement that she opposed Vicky and Ankita’s marriage. “Bahut galat statement hai (it is a very wrong statement),” said Vicky’s sister-in-law.

Vicky’s mother’s statement stunned Ankita’s mother as well, according to Ankita. Salman stated, “Vicky needs to take a stand,” alluding to the consequences of making such a claim. Father and mother are like this—they won’t part from one another, which means that Vicky and Ankita might end up apart.On Ankita and Vicky, however, opinions among viewers are still mixed. Many argued that Ankita’s image was being whitewashed by the channel, while others claimed that Vicky’s mother was the one who gave in to the media’s questioning.

Salman Khan questioned Abhishek Kumar’s mother about his combative demeanour, inquiring as to whether or not he was acting that way for the show or whether it was his true nature. Abhishek’s mother attested to the fact that her son inherited this trait from his family, specifically from his father. His mother did state that he cannot stand for what is bad after stating, “Woh aisa hi hai (he is like that in real life)”.

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