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Seven-Year-Old Abhijita As World’s Youngest ‘Grandmaster In Writing’


Abhijita Gupta 7-year-old is acknowledged as the world’s youngest author by the International Book of Records due to her expertise to write poetry and composition at such an age.

Abhijita, with her extraordinary talent, has already been recognizing globally and has been bestowed the title of ‘Grandmaster in writing’ by the Asia Book of Records. The incredibly talented child wrote her book ‘Happiness All Around,’ which is a collection of short stories and poems with figures. Her book has already won international acclaim, which was published by Invincible Publishers. According to the reports, the India Book of records has cited her as the youngest author to write poetry and prose.

Seven-Year-Old Abhijita As World’s Youngest ‘Grandmaster In Writing’ 1
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Abhijita’s writing talent came from her family only as she is the third generation of the accomplished poet duo- Rashtrakavi Maithilisharan Gupt and Santkavi Shri Siyaramsharan Gupt.  She is the daughter of Ghaziabad based CA Ashish Gupta, and engineer turned entrepreneur Anupriya Gupta. She started writing at the age of 5. During the lockdown period, she turned into a productive writer. ‘Mother Earth,’ ‘Let’s Try,’ ‘Study is my Best Buddy,’ ‘Precious Friendship’ is some of her poems. Her writings are now leaving a massive impact on society and even motivating many kids of her age.

Abhijita’s next book is based on the Coronavirus pandemic and the impact on children and will be released soon.

Article Written by Dikhya Mohanty

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