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Siddharth Pithani claims to go by the order of OP Singh to get the body down

Siddharth Pithani claims to go by the orders of OP Singh to get the body down
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As the CBI continues to investigate on the matter, a recent questioning section revealed that Siddharth Pithani, Sushant’s flatmate brought the body down on the orders of Sushant’s brother in law OP Singh.

According to the Times Now report, it has been stated that Siddharth claims to have seen the body of Sushant hanging from the fan. OP Singh directed Siddharth and his sister Meetu to bring down the body in order to save him. So in order to see if the actor could have been saved by any chance, Siddharth brought down the body on the bed.

In further questioning, Siddharth claims to have deleted several videos and pictures from Sushant’s device after the death of Disha Salian. Sushant’s asked for a favour if Siddharth could get rid of all the pictures and videos.

Sushant was said to be disturbed after the death of his manager Disha and asked Siddharth to keep him updated about any reports about Disha. Sushant was also upset about the news indicating his link in the death of Disha following which, he asked his flatmate to erase all the videos and pictures.

Besides Pithani, cook Neeraj Singh, staff member Keshav Bachne have also been called in by CBI for questioning. CBI has questioned about 16 people related to this untimely death. Meanwhile, Rhea Chakraborty, the main lead has been questioned for two times and has been called in for a third round of questioning today along with her brother Showik.

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