Six Muslims faking their Identity as “Sadhus” got arrested in Bihar


Six Muslims were detained in Bihar’s Vaishali area for collecting alms from Hindu Sadhus disguised as Basaha bulls (Nandi, Lord Shiva’s mount). They were captured near Kadamghat in the city of Hajipur. The police are investigating if the men were just begging or were part of a wider plan. Karim Ahmed (38 years old, father: Sakur Ahmed), Syed Ali (40 years old, father: Maiku Ahmed), Hasan (30 years old, father: Asghar), Mehboob (32 years old, father: Muner alias W), Haleem Ahmed (35 years old, father: Sakur Ahmed), and Subrati (30 Years, Father- Abu Mohammad). During questioning, it was determined that they are all residents of Uttar Pradesh’s Bahraich district.The men were apprehended while dressed as Sadhus (monks) and collecting alms with a Basaha bull (Nandi, Shiva’s mount). In addition to the imprisoned males, the authorities have kept the bull at the police station. The officials are concerned that such tragedies would occur during the Shravani Mela.Workers from the Bajrang Dal apprehended them. According to Aryan Singh, a Bajrang Dal worker, all of these young kids used to beg for days in the Hajipur city area by becoming sadhus. When they were interrogated because of their odd behaviour, it was determined that they were not Hindus. They were captured at Kadmaghat on the Gandak river. The cops were then called. They were all lying at first, but subsequently admitted it.

The Muslim men stayed at Harnaut for a few days before travelling to Hajipur. The suspects revealed after questioning at the municipal police station that they go wherever the fair is held and collect charity. When questioned about dressing up as Hindu Sadhus and begging throughout the month of Sawan, they remained silent. The Aadhar cards of two of these individuals have been recovered. The addresses on the Aadhar card are being checked, according to SHO Suvodh Kumar, and the Bahraich Police Department has been contacted.Given the actionable data gathered about terrorist threats during the Shravani Mela, capturing them is critical. According to the Bajrang Dal employees, none of these appear to be beggars, and their purpose is uncertain.According to the SHO, an investigation is ongoing to look into all available avenues.

By Subhechcha Ganguly

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