Skill, Re-skill, Up-skill

Skill, Re-skill, Up-skill

Our Honourable Prime Minister, Narendra Modi confessed that it is very crucial to dwell relevant to this existing juncture so that people can not only earn their livelihoods but also support and encourage others too.

On Wednesday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi stated that the Coronavirus pandemic has exemplified new challenges for the globe which everyone requires to be formulated for. Lecturing a digital conclave on World Youth Skills Day, PM Modi illustrated a new mantra for you they’re a chair from a piece of wood.

“By structuring, you heightened the value of the wood by doing some value addition, and to keep up relevant, you need to keep adding stuff to it. Most importantly, you also should aim to intensify our dexterity further. This is known as up skilling,” PM Modi said.

It’s not purely that youth has to do but anyone can tread the pathlearn new stuff and keep enriching their skills. “This will help them to make themselves self-reliant,” In many fields, people who have skills, especially in the health services sector are the most required ones now.

This day marks the fifth anniversary of the launch of Skill India Mission. Which has been organized for Skill Development and Entrepreneurship?

On July 15, the United Nation organized an event WYSD which is celebrated every year. It was designated by the General Assembly (UNGA) in 2014. For this year 2020, the event is focused on the implication of nurturing proficient youth.

Article Written By JP Sahu

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