Smoke on Duronto Express in Andhra triggers panic


On Sunday, smoke in one of the Duronto Express’s carriages caused alarm among passengers near a railway station in the Chittoor region of Andhra Pradesh. There were no injuries, though. When the Sir M Visvesvaraya Terminal-Howrah Duronto Express was getting close to Kuppam Railway Station, the smoke was seen in one of the coaches. Some passengers disembarked the train in a panic as soon as it came to a stop. The smoke, according to South Western Railway (SWR), was caused by friction from the brake block and there was no fire on the train, the company has clarified.

“On train no 12246, Sir M Visvesvaraya Terminal-Howrah Duronto Express while approaching Kuppam Station, Chittoor Dist (Bengaluru division/SWR), the Train Manager (Guard) noticed smoke coming in from one of the coaches at about 12.50 p.m.,” SWR said in a statement.

“As per standard SOP, the train was stopped and checked by the train crew. It was found that there has been a brake binding and smoke had come due to friction of the brake block in coach SE LWSCN 193669/S9,” it added


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