Social organization’s of Dhenkanal feed stray animals amid lockdown


It’s been more than a year that we are reeling under the effects of the novel coronavirus. This pandemic has not only affected the human life but has also hampered the life of stray animals. The pandemic has triggered such a situation for which lockdown has become an effective measure to contain the virus, as people dont come out from their houses, the street animals struggle to get food, keeping this in view several organizations like Gurudevji Foundation and Mission Suraksha came forward with the initiative to feed those animals.

Today the members of the organization’s started a feeding drive in which they offered vegetables, water and other eatables to more than twenty street cows roaming across the town. The initiative was carried out by President of the foundation Soumyabrata Sahoo, director Bigyan Mohanty, Aman Ayushman Das and Indrajit Sahoo.

President of the organization Soumyabrata Sahoo said,” we will continue to feed the animals during this lockdown. The drive started today, we will also start feeding stray dogs and birds in upcoming days.”

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