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Meet The Ghost Man – Sarbajeet Mohanty


For many years, people have debated whether the spirits are real or not. Some people get scared at the fact that there might be something unknown lurking in their house making their footsteps known to everyone in it. Different people around the world have their own opinions based on religion and experiences when talking about angels, demons, and the spirits that have life after death. New technology is getting closer to detecting these energies happening in the world today. Well there is no one better than Sarbajeet Mohanty to talk about this.

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Sarbajeet Mohanty, a positive and self confident guy hailed from Bhubaneswar is a certified demonologist, paranormal investigator and Founder of Parapsychology And Investigations Research Society (PAIRS). He is a popular paranormal investigator doing his research since he was 15 years old. He and his companion Pooja Vijay who is a psychic and co founder of PAIRS have investigated many cases so far. Sarbajeet has also been a part of a ghost haunting reality show in Odisha. He along with his team is on a mission to help people overcome their fears of the dead, spirits and such beliefs.

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His book ‘The Spirits Talk To Me’  is the true accounts of his paranormal investigations is available on Amazon. In a conversation with him we wanted to know about his thrilling journey in the phantom world. The way he shared his hair raising experiences, we got chills. Here are the ten questions we asked him to make our readers aware of ghosts.

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What drew your interest to the paranormal field?

As a kid, my mother used to tell me bedtime stories. Stories of ghosts ,spirits, witches. There was always a fear lurking in my mind. The fear of darkness, the fear that somebody is constantly watching over me. One day I thought what I’m afraid of! Then I decided to fight against my biggest fear rather than letting fear triumph over me. I was curious about paranormal activities so started my research on it.

Tell me what your first ghost hunter experience was like?

I had my first investigation at Satyanagar Graveyard. When I went inside, my camera stopped working. Then I saw four or five people running towards me while there was only an old lady caretaker. And it was creepy.

Satyanagar Graveyard is truly haunted”

 How do you investigate the paranormal? What are the tools you use for your paranormal investigations?

We use a variety of devices to locate spirits (called as energy in the paranormal world) and to communicate with them. We use K2 Meter, EDI, Full spectrum cameras, EVP recorder, Motion sensor. These are used to locate the energy, create a magnetic field so that an energy can manifest itself.

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If a ghost manifesting itself, then it is burning energy. Where is it getting new energy from?

Earth has an electromagnetic field. It helps an energy to manifest itself. Spirits also pull energy from electronic and battery powered equipment or transformers. They pull energies from human bodies also.

“Whenever we communicate with spirits, we find our energies drained”

A lot of hype surrounds Bhangarh in Rajasthan and it has even made it to the list of one of the scariest places in India. Is the place really haunted or cursed as it is generally said?

Honestly I have never done an investigation there. But yes I have experienced much more powerful negetive energies at different lesser known places.

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What has been your toughest investigation? Did it give you creeps?

There is a particular place in Kendrapada. We went there. And it was a happy place. We felt good, no negative vibe nothing. Then suddenly it started raining. We went inside the car and waited for the rain to stop. After 5 minutes when the rain stopped, we came out and we were like things have changed. No good vibe was there. We started getting communications. Our team members saw someone standing behind me but I couldn’t see or sense anyone’s presence. But there was one particular spot, where I felt something was wrong. For the first time there was something much powerful to deal. I had to take a back step as it was beyond my control. I found a cloth and a symbol on it. Which was used for witchcraft. After consulting other paranormal experts, it was revealed that the symbol was a European symbol of occult studies but the point is it was very powerful in the world of witchcraft and there was no chance of finding it in India. So this was the incident that shook me.

“Spirit can not kill anyone. It doesn’t have this much strength”

Events, books on the paranormal?

Our book “The Spirits Talk To Me” narrates 10 real life horror cases from across India. It is published by Hachette India and co-authored by India’s biggest horror writer Neil D’Silva. Our upcoming book is with Rupa Publications.

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Our team ‘PAIRS’ often organises events, meet ups to create awareness amongst people about paranormal activity. We try to answer all the questions, our audience ask. We share our experiences. It helps them to overcome the fear against cases of residual haunting. This year’s event is postponed to next year for COVID.

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What advice would you give to someone who is curious about going on ghost hunts but doesn´t know where to start?

I’d like to say please don’t enter to this profession. (chuckles)

What would you like to say to those who don’t believe in ghosts?

Nothing. There are people who believe in ghosts. Then there are also people who don’t. They all are right on their wake. But this thing is true.

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How this ghost haunting thing has affected your life?

Trust me it has really affected a lot to our daily lives. From getting up in the morning to going to bed at night, it affects all the time. But we have to deal with it. We have to fight against our fear and to help others overcome their.

   Sarbajeet is truly an inspiration. He teaches us to fight our fear. The way he puts his life in danger just to eradicate darkness from others lives, is worth the compliment.

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