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State Human Rights commission seeks a detailed report from Cooper Hospital on entry of Rhea’s entry into mortuary

Rhea called for the third round of questioning by CBI
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The Maharashtra Human Rights commission has taken objection on Rhea Chakraborty’s entry into the Cooper Hospital mortuary to view Sushant Singh Rajput’s mortal remains just after a day of his demise.

According to the Times Now report, the Human Rights commission has issued a notice to the Mumbai Police and the Cooper Hospital demanding a detailed report written on the report why the actress was allowed to enter the restricted premises especially when she wasn’t a blood relative.

Previously when asked about the same to the Mumbai Police , they issued a statement regarding that the officers were tested Covid – 19 positive and couldn’t issue the report. When asked about the same to the Cooper Hospital, they denied giving entry to Rhea into the mortuary.

In several interviews, Rhea agreed to have met her late boyfriend’s mortal remains and admitted to have said , ” Sorry, Babu” and touched his feet. It was later revealed that Rhea was prohibited from attending the funeral of Sushant Singh Rajput that took place in the evening on the same day.

Rhea’s picture of she exiting the hospital premises went viral. In his statement to ANI, Singh said, “Rhea going to mortuary is very suspicious as she had no relationship with Sushant Singh on day of his death. In what capacity she was allowed to see the body of Sushant. I believe she was taken from the backroom. Without showing grief, without sobbing, without breaking down, clearly exposes her mind that she was probably wanting to accept the blame of his death and she has no regret of it. She had no affection for Sushant.”

Written by Ompriya Sahoo

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