State Literature Festival

State Literature Festival

Illumining Minds

State Literary Festival offers the conducive platform not only to instil strong Odia values but also to awaken us to shape Odisha from a global perspective. Reading as a hobby is being nurtured by a few.

A State centric literature festival focuses on igniting the virtue of reading, thereby nurturing sensibilities among the youth.

The state Literature festival attracts the best minds of the state and elsewhere to enlighten us about various aspects of human lives.

The sole aim of the State literature festival is to spin the wheel of art, literature, science and technology, economics and many other aspects of human lives and become the vehicle of constructive change and make the world a better place to live in.

Odisha is endowed with rich culture, heritage, art and literature. Since the emergence of Odia language around two thousand years ago, Odia literature has flourished.

The PANCHASAKHA YUGA used to be the golden epoch in Odisha’s literary age. A normal Odia life is an amazing amalgamation of art, craft, culture, literature, customs, costumes, food and festivals.

Gone are the days when Odia businessmen used to travel all the way to Java, Sumatra, Indonesia and Sri Lanka to do business and leave behind the indelible footprints.

On the cusp of growth, modern Odisha is marching ahead to stamp its mark in nation-building through industries such as tourism, technology and minerals

State Literary Festival gives proper impetus to celebrate the glorious past and promising future. The objectives of the State literature festival are:-

1. To provide a platform where the brilliant minds from all walks of life can converge to churn ideas 

2. To celebrate the art, culture and glory. 

3. To engage with achievers in their respective fields.

4. To promote the writers to interact with the audience. 

5. To promote and further the cause of Odia literature in English. 

6. To promote people from different creative fields to exchange ideas. 

7. To promote the dialogues of literature with the policy makers. 

8. To inspire young minds with constructive endeavours

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