Stay Away from Negativity and Negative people ; says Gunjyot Singh


Gunjyot Singh is an uprising superstar of the Punjabi world. By profession, he is a singer and an actor who loves to travel. And the amazing thing about Gunjyot is that whenever he travels music and his creativity always travels with him. He keeps on wandering what place is suitable for his next shoot.
Gunjyot has always been into music and entertainment and that is the reason why he chose entertainment as his career.

Priya Bharti, a reporter at Interview Times interacted with him.
Excerpts of the conversation:-

We appreciate you for your skills of being an actor and singer at the same time. Your love and carrying forward of Punjabi culture is beyond appreciation.

Q. So Gunjyot, as we all know you’re an Actor and Singer, but there would be many things and hidden talent that our audience is unaware of! Would you please tell us that?

Ans. Yes, apart from singing and acting I actually love traveling, you see whenever you travel you don’t travel alone music is the thing which travels with you. And whenever I go to a new place I find a new idea of either composing a song or I think which type of song would be perfect for the location.

Q. What made you chose your career in entertainment?

Ans. Since my childhood only I was into music, I was in a Punjabi school, and it began from my school prayers competitions. I also used to play Tabla at that time. Then I went to London and did my first film with Diljit Dosanjh and that was a very big achievement for me. As was always into music so I continued my practice into music and songs.

Q. So Gunjyot, you’re associated with Tips Punjabi! How did you reach there?

Ans. Firstly, I did my songs with Sunny Vig, he only introduced me to Rachit who gave me an opportunity to work with Tips music. One can get labels from anywhere, but it’s upon you how hard you work. So I would appreciate Rachit for that.

Q. What motivates you to find these ideas?

Ans. I actually keep track of the music and singers, and sometimes I try and fix a meeting with the singers of the same genres so that we could sit together and work on the ideas to get a better output.

Q. Your recent song ‘Yes Karna’ is actually a good story and entertaining audience! What came into your mind so that you made this?

Ans. Well! The song is composed by my friend Sunny who is really an emotional and romantic guy, he feels everything and then scripts it down. When I looked at the lyrics I too found it a speech but when the song came out, it has blown off my mind I loved the song.

Q. What has been the best performance of your career so far?

Ans. The best according to me is the recent ‘Yes Karna’ song because you learn from your mistakes and try not to repeat them next time so every time you get to learn something new. And it’s always getting better, so I like the recent won the most.

Q. There must be a time when you found this field so new and must have faced challenges what were they, and how did you cope up with them?

Ans. When I was doing my very first song I was struggling very much that what genre and music I should choose! I have also made some mistakes which are obvious! But you have to learn from them, and you only have to choose what is right for you, nobody is going to suggest you or force you to choose what is right for you.
And one more thing is that some music is entertaining, some music are which you like the most some songs touches your heart and some listen the most, and the thing which I did was here was that I continued with the one I like the most instead of picking up the trending list, which was my mistake.

And to avoid those mistakes you need a team because when you are in the team they stand with you to suggest what to do what not! And I am very happy this time.

Q. Are you planning to work with any popular music composer or a filmmaker?

Ans. Actually, I would love to continue with Sunny Vig only. Now we are more focused on the emotional and romantic types of songs, but we are planning for a completely different genre and a new thing this time and if I get a chance to work with the popular one I would love to work with Tanishk Bagchi, he is my favorite. And my ideal in Punjabi is AP Dhillon whose retro beats songs are trending the most the way has transformed the music is very unique.

Q. Your fan followers are increasing day by day all over India what is your message to the emerging singers and your fans?

Ans. Thank You! Well I’m not at that peak, but I would like to say that ‘’stay away from negativity and negative people’’ and ‘’ whatever you like to do in your life, just go ahead with that! no matter how tough it is’’ and yes learn to say No, it will upset someone sometimes, but it is good for you and everyone, so Be Yourself and keep working hard.
My message to the emerging Singers and actors is that don’t do anything forcefully choose whatever your heart says and yes it’s very important to learn the basics of music because knowledge is very important. Anyone can definitely sing a song but having a piece of basic knowledge is needed so stop running away from the base.

Everyone must work hard.

Video of the Interview

Written and edited by:- Priya Bharti
(The interviewer is a reporter, PR professional, and an Alumnus of the Indian Institute of Mass Communication).

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