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Steve Smith is not far behind Virat Kohli in ‘best ODI batsman in the world’ list: Gautam Gambhir

Steve Smith is not far behind Virat Kohli in 'best ODI batsman in the world' list: Gautam Gambhir

The Indian Premier League (IPL) 2020 season in the UAE did not see the best of Rajasthan Royals captain Steve Smith, where he struggled to gain consistency and could not deliver with the bat.

However, RR failed to make through the playoffs, and Smith’s form with the bat raised questions if he could impact the series against India.

Before starting the India-Australia ODI series, Steve Smith told in a press conference that he is beginning to feel that he is getting back to his groove, and he has shown how right he was about his game after the first two ODIs.

Smith smashed two back-to-back centuries in the first two games against India, which also comes in 60 balls both times. However, Smith’s fiery innings helped Australia to set a mammoth score on the board in both the ODIs.

Gautam Gambhir believes that Smith is not far behind India captain Virat Kohli in the ‘best ODI batsman in the world’ list.

On ESPNCricinfo, Gambhir said, “This is pure class and he is not that far away from Virat Kohli. We keep talking about Virat Kohli, (and asking) is Virat Kohli the best ODI batsman in the world ever. Steve Smith isn’t that far. Getting a hundred in 18 overs and getting two back to back hundreds in 60 balls is no joke. Yes, Virat Kohli will always have better numbers but look at the impact Steve Smith has had in the last two games.”

“It is going to be tough for India. I am telling you, even in the third game and probably going forward as well. This is just the start of this long tour. If India doesn’t find something (about) how to get Steve Smith out, it is going to be a long, long tour for the bowlers,” Gambhir added.

“He has a huge appetite for runs and it’s just the start now. Once he goes into the Test format with this kind of form, if he gets in, it’s going to be troubling times for India,” Gambhir added further.

The third ODI between India and Australia is on Wednesday.

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