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Sudha Murthy, the revolutionary In The ‘Men Only’ Concept

Sudha Murthy, the revolutionary In The 'Men Only' Concept

First Female Engineer Hired At TELCO, India’s Largest Auto Manufacturing Company

India has produced several genii, but of those, it’s time to honour our daughters who in the past few decades became the pride of the nation.

Sudha Murthy, engineer, acclaimed author, and philanthropist is a perfect example of how a woman or any person can successfully track down a time-consuming career and yet also manage to serve the nation in every possible way. Also, she managed to portray the beauty of Indian Culture.

Murthy began her professional career in computer science and engineering. She remained gold medalist throughout her career. She did M.Eng. in Computer Science from the prestigious Indian Institute of Science and after completion of her degree when she entered the real world of competition she soon realised that getting a job based on merit was still an uphill task.

So she decided to write a postcard to the  Chairman of TATA group complaining of the “men only” gender bias at TELCO. Consequently, she was granted an exclusive interview and hired instantly. She became the first female engineer hired at India’s largest auto manufacturer TATA Engineering and Locomotive Company (TELCO).

Sudha Murthy, the revolutionary In The 'Men Only' Concept 1

A proper introduction of Sudha Murthy is yet to emerge because with her every move she has surprised people around her, you name a field and she is there. Being amazingly talented, she takes an interest in everything.

She is best known for her contribution to literature in Kannada and English. Some of her best selling books are How I Taught My Grandmother to Read, Mahashweta, Dollar Bahu etc.

Dollar bahu was later adapted in a series in Zee TV. She has also acted in the Marathi film “Pitruroon” and the Kannada film “Prarthana”. To mark the occasion of her 70th birthday, Penguin India announced her next book.

It’s a collection of 20 stories. The new book titled ‘Grandparents’ Bag of Stories’ will be a sequel to one of the author’s bestselling book of stories titled Grandma’s Bag of Stories. The book has sold approximately 3 lakh copies so far.

Sudha Murthy became the co-founder of Infosys Foundation, which is a public charitable trust established in 1996. Through Foundation she is helping out rural areas by building 16,000 public toilets and several hundred toilets in the city of Bengaluru.

Also, she has built 2,300 houses in the flood-affected areas. Social work covers the healthcare, education, empowerment of women, public hygiene, art and culture, and poverty alleviation at the grassroots level.

She has handled national natural disasters like the earthquake in Gujarat,  the tsunami in Tamil Nadu and Andaman, hurricane and floods in Odisha, Andhra Pradesh and drought conditions in Karnataka and Maharashtra etc.

She has set up to 70,000 libraries so far and also along with Karnataka government the foundation has decided to start 1000 digital classrooms.

She also calls herself a movies buff. She has as many as 500 DVDs and judges a movie in totality. She has been bestowed with numerous awards out of which India’s fourth highest civilian award Padma Shri can be considered the highlight of her career. Also, in  2019, IIT Kanpur awarded her Honorary Degree of Doctor of Science.

In the pandemic, when the entire world is confused about how to deal with it, she has penned down 20 stories for kids.

She said that “The lockdown due to the pandemic got me wondering what I would have done as a 10-12-year-old kid. I would have really got bored. I would have gone to my grandparents’ house, sat with them, heard stories, and learnt how to help people in difficult times. So, I thought – why can’t I once again become a ten-year-old, think of all my childhood stories and write a book. That’s how I wrote these set of stories”.

Today, Sudha Murthy is considered as an iconic personality. She is an inspiration for generations to come on how one can fight all odds in life.

Written By – Shilpa Dey
Image – Google

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