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Superlative Performer The brand doesn’t establish overnight rather it goes through many hindrances that nobody knows better than the person who makes it happen Over the years a real estate brand called MySpace Realty Pvt Ltd from Odisha has captured the imagination of tens of hundreds of buyers across the country, all though it started from Bhubaneswar in a mild manner. But it has now soared loud of its shining brand from State to State. The proud Managing director & Co-founder Sheikh Mairajul Haque himself has had an exciting interview with Interview Times in a free-wheeling chat. Find the excerpts below.

1. What made you choose Real Estate as Profession?

Helping people to choose the right place to live, which is a dream come true for them is a great challenge and that became a passion for me. Also being a realtor I can make connections and meet people of different ethnicities, cultures and preferences.

2. What are the 5 pillars of your success?

Honesty, Ethical business partners, Proper market and product knowledge, Efficient business planning and Teamwork

3. There are 2 founders of Myspace. You both have never disputed in the work? You & your co founder Sashikant Barik?

Prior to co-founder we are two friends with similar believe and opinion who came into real estate business right after college. We respect each other’s decision. So point for dispute never arises between us.

4. After establishing your market in Odisha then you ventured into other states. What’s your plan for business expansion?

We have a long plan of national and international expansion of our business. We have already set up branches at Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Kolkata & Chennai. Soon we’re gonna be at Dubai, Mumbai, Pune and many tier II & tier III cities in India with an aim to become a preferable choice for people as trust worthy service provider of India.

5. Your concept is based on vision, mission & core values can you please explain a bit about this?

Our mission is to be the India’s most preferred real estate firm, providing the most creative and innovative services on a consistent basis, to drive meaningful value to our clients. To be the best at what we do. Vision of Myspace is to be the trust worthy real estate service oriented company that attains customers delight, trust through commitment, accountability, discipline and best work processes. And core value is keeping that commitment to customer in every possible way.

6. What is your message to the young entrepreneurs ?

Ask yourself What do you need to start a business? Today’s generation are not very patient about anything. They want success overnight. Sometimes it’s possible but not always. For everything it takes a long period to get success and when you get a success after a wait of long time, this lasts for a very long time and it’s very strong. So I recommend to all young and new entrepreneurs, they should stick to their business and process for a long run for a better result. You can go as far as your mind lets you and you can achieve what you believe. So don’t just sit and wait for opportunity, take step forward and make your name as brand.


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