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Sushant Singh Rajput family fight against defamation

Sushant Singh Rajput family fight against defamation
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The family of Sushant Singh Rajput has been getting threats from different sources as they continue fighting for justice for their son. The family allegedly said that their son was murdered based on certain incidences. The claim the involvement of reputed individuals from Bollywood as well as politics in the murder.

There has been recent ongoing defamation against the late actor’s family trying to slander their reputation. The family raised their voice in a nine-page open letter. The article was written in Hindi by a politician, Sanjay Raut in the party’s mouthpiece questioning the relationship between them and Sushant.

The letter started with a couplet from Firaq Jalalpuri, which read:

“Tu idhar udhar ki baat na kar,

Ye bata ki qafila kyun luta,

Mujhe rahznon se gila nahin,

Teri rahbari ka sawal hai.”

The letter starts by pointing out how the sudden death of Sushant has taken aback the whole country and how the family is dealing withe the attacks from all platforms. It has also jotted how several people are taking advantage of the situation to gain popularity and fame. It also talks about the struggle they had to go through during childhood by shifting from a village to town for better educational facilities.

“The first daughter had magic, someone came and took her away to the land of angels. The second one played for the national cricket team, the third studied law, and the fourth daughter did a diploma in fashion designing. The fifth one was Sushant, the sort who is ‘mannat’ for mothers. Their entire life, Sushant’s family did not take anything from anyone, neither did they harm anyone,” was jotted in the letter about the siblings.

The letter ended by saying,” People only dream about what happened in the last 8-10 years. But what happened today should not even happen to an enemy.”

The letter had no mention of Rhea Chakraborty, his girlfriend. But was penned down that he was ‘brutally murdered and crooks trapped‘ him. It questioned how expensive lawyers were being hired against the case.

The family was not even had the chance to mourn for their son’s demise with the rumors of him being mentally unhealthy and the disturbing picture of his dead body. The letter also wrote about the investigation report by Mumbai Police and how no steps were taken when the actor’s father approached them for prevention action.

The family and four sisters are fighting every day for the justice of Sushant. They are fighting against the threats and will be raising their voice for justice.

Written by Ompriya Sahoo

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