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The Biden administration overturns an amendment to Trump’s Citizenship Act

In December last year, the Trump administration introduced the Revised Normalization Civic Test in the United States. It was called the 2020 Civics Test. It was implemented by USCIS. This test has to be given to those who were applying in the normalization mode to obtain U.S. citizenship. This is one of the ways in which citizenship can be achieved through normalization. Applicants are required to take a test on the history, principles, and government regulations of the United States.

The Trump administration made some changes to the test in December 2020. The number of questions was increased from 100 to 124. It also included political and some judicial questions. So with the removal of Trump’s policy, the USCIS is unnecessarily obstructing the Civics Test.

Photographer: Ryan Collerd/Bloomberg via Getty Images

According to the Associated Press, the Civics Test, launched in 2008, was designed by more than 150 organizations, including Input. It was developed as a pilot project before it was implemented. The agency reiterated that President Joe Biden had set up a review team to streamline the process. Such a decision has been made based on their report.