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BJP announces 30 star campaigners for Pipili by-poll

Union Minister for Petroleum & Natural Gas and Steel Dharmendra Pradhan and Union Minister of State for Animal Husbandry, Dairying and Fisheries and MSME Pratap Chandra Sarangi are among the 30 star campaigners for the Pipili by-election, according to a release issued by the BJP.

Other star campaigners include Samir Mohanty, Baijayanta Jay Panda, D Purendeswari, Vijay Pal Singh Tomar, Bisweswar Tudu, Pradipta Kumar Naik, Jual Oram,  KV Singh Deo, Manmohan samal, Suresh Pujari, Basanta Kumar Panda, Bijay Mohapatra, Bishnu Charan Sethi, Sambit Patra , Aparajita Sarangi, Jayanarayan Mishra, Surama Padhy, Kharavela Swain, Ashwini Vaishnab, Prakash Mishra, Manas Kumar Mohanty, Prithiviraj Harichandan, Golak Prasad Mohapatra, Lekhasri Samantsinhar, sritam Das, Harihar Mohapatra, Pinky Pradhan and Anu Chaudhury.

The BJP has fielded Ashrit Pattnayak as its candidate for the by-elections for the Pipili assembly segment. The by-poll was necessary due to the demise of Pipili MLA Pradeep Maharathy.

Centre To Provide Benefits Of PM Kisan Yojana To Eligible Farmers Says Union Minister

Union Minister for Agriculture and Farmers’ Welfare Narendra Singh Tomar guaranteed that the central government has decided to provide all the benefits of the PM Kisan Yojana to all the eligible farmers of Odisha.

In a reply to a letter by the BJP leader and Union Petroleum and Natural Gas and Steel Minister Dharmendra Pradhan, the minister said that he will be guiding the officials of his ministry to take all the necessary steps available the benefits to the eligible farmers immediately.

Earlier Dharmendra Pradhan in a letter to Singh stated that he had written to Chief Minister on 1st March asking to resolve the problem of the stoppage in the payment of PM-KISAN benefit to all the eligible farmers in Odisha. Pradhan asked for the resolution of administrative and non-compliance issues for ensuring the payment of PM-KISAN installments to all eligible farmers of Odisha.

The Agriculture and Farmers’ Empowerment minister to the reply stated that on 3rd March the total disbursement of PM-KISAN installments to several eligible farmers in Odisha has come down due to delay in the lot opening, transaction failures, non-integration of banks with PFMS, rejection of beneficiaries with discrepancies in Aadhar name and registered farmer name, changes in LGD codes, low level of automation in some banks and non-receipt of payment success information from banks, amongst others.

Meanwhile, Pradhan informed that the PM-KISAN beneficiary lots are freed to the states before the disbursal of each installment for making secondary adjustments and that the Odisha Government has declared the stop payment instructions regarding reports of 14.5 lakh farmers for physical re-verification, only 23 lakh PM-KISAN beneficiaries will get the payment.

Later Pradhan asked Tomar to assemble a meeting between the officials of the Agriculture ministry and the Odisha government to solve all payment-related issues and secure the expenditure of PM-Kisan compensation to the farmers in Odisha. Even to expedite additional bulk window clearances, he requested Odisha Government to enable them to expeditiously redress the details of all beneficiaries who are not able to get the payment. 

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Dharmendra Pradhan Urges Odisha CM To Ensure All Registered Farmers Get Benefits Under PM-KISAN

Under Pradhan Mantri Kisan Samman Nidhi Yojana (PM-KISAN) scheme many farmers are inadequate to get the required financial aid due to non-compliance with procedural conditions, as stated by Union Petroleum Minister Dharmendra Pradhan.

Pradhan showed his concern towards the farmers as they are not able to get financial assistance under the Pradhan Mantri Kisan Samman Nidhi Yojana (PM-KISAN) scheme due to non-compliance with procedural specifications and requested the personal interference of Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik in this matter.

He stated that the percentage of farmers who are getting the Pradhan Mantri Kisan Samman Nidhi Yojana (PM-KISAN) advantages is very less than the number of farmers who are enrolled under the scheme in Odisha. He even shared the reason behind this oversight of the scheme which is due to the non-compliance to procedural requirements and regulatory failure by the officials of the state government.

Pradhan further stated that under the Pradhan Mantri Kisan Samman Nidhi Yojana (PM-KISAN) the non- disbursement of due benefits to farmers of Odisha who are in a real need especially those who have lost their economic earning and daily earning for their livelihood due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

While referring to the official records Pradhan informed that a total of 40.5 lakh farmers are covered in Odisha under PM-KISAN Yojana of which only 24.7 lakh farmers received the payment of Rs 2000 each in the seventh instalment. He further said that the data shows that out of the total 40.5 lakh registered beneficiaries in the State, only 9.73 lakh (24%) received the 1st instalment, 29.92 lakh (74%) received the 2nd instalment, 28.77 lakh (71%) received the 3rd instalment, 25.61 lakh (63%) received the 4th instalment, only 21.55 lakh (53%) received the 5th instalment, 23.38 lakh (58%) received the 6th instalment and 24.70 lakh (61%) received the 7th instalment.

Under the PM-KISAN scheme, the Central Government announced to provides income support of Rs 6,000 per year in three equal instalments.

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Dharmendra Pradhan Urges For An ASI Team For Scientific Excavation Of Ekamra Kshetra

Union Petroleum and Steel Minister Dharmendra Pradhan demanded the cabinet colleague-cum-Culture and Tourism Minister Prahlad Singh Patel to assign an expert team of the Archeological Survey of India (ASI) to Bhubaneswar for studying details and also make a meticulous scientific excavation of the Ekamra Kshetra area.

As per reports, Dharmendra Pradhan had written a letter where he stated that the ASI team’s scientific excavation could uncover heritage structure that may be lying buried under infringements. He mentioned that the Bhubaneswar Circle of the ASI recently befell upon precious remain of a 10th-11th Samavamshi period temple floor on the Sari temple’s northwest corner while carrying out scientific cleaning the two-acre land adjacent to the Suka-Sari temple complex in the heritage Ekamra Kshetra of temple-town Bhubaneswar.

He further mentioned that the Suka-Sari temple complex and Lord Lingaraj temple in Bhubaneswar are guarded by ASI under the Ancient Monuments and Archaeological Sites and Remain Act (AMASR Act). There is an imperative requirement to promptly retrieve and protect the remains of this invaluable ancient Odishan architecture.

About the two other structures discovered by ASI, Pradhan cited in the letter that it is believed to be the remains of small shrines and a portion of the Sari temple. These findings have led ASI experts to believe that the Sari temple complex was built on the Panchayatana model where our subsidiary shrines encompass the main temple. This means a high chance of additional heritage structures lying buried under infringements in the Ekamra Kshetra.

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CM Naveen Patnaik Discusses Odisha’s Mining Issues With Union Ministers

To ensure a consecutive supply of ore to industry-leading to safeguard the employment and State revenues, Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik reiterated improvements in the minerals sector.

Steel and Mines Department Minister Prafulla Mallick, Chief Secretary Asit Tripathy, Union Coal Secretary Anil Kumar Jain, Development Commissioner Suresh Chandra Mahapatra, Secretary to CM (5T) VK Pandian, and OMC MD Vineel Krishna also attended the meeting.

During the video conferencing meeting with the union Coal Minister Pralhad Joshi and Petroleum Minister Dharmendra Pradhan, CM proposed these issues concerning disturbances and contingencies in production and dispatch are unacceptable, especially during the pandemic time. Shortages of ore and resultant high prices have feigned a challenge for the Sponge Iron plants, Small and Medium-size Steel plants. This has hit the revenues of the State and the employment of the people dependent on the sector.

With the severe problems, CM suggested that both the Central and State Public Sector undertaking can play a significant role in maintaining the supply of core to the end-user industries at such critical moments. Their involvement will also further help make a steady supply at reasonable prices and go a long way in alleviating the MSME constraints.

CM Patnaik also proposed reservation of some of these expired working mineral blocks under provisions of section 17A of the MMDR Act to State PSUs like OMC to ensure an uninterrupted supply of ore to the end-user industry. Along with that, he requested the Union Government for an early decision on the issues discussed as the revenues of the State and employment of the people at large are involved.

Article Written by Dikhya Mohanty

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Odisha Government Is Misleading People: Dharmendra Pradhan Slams Naveen Govt

Dharmendra Pradhan, Union Minister and senior BJP leader, slammed the Odisha Government said that the BJD Government failed to fulfill the promises made during the earlier bypolls in the state. During Bijepur and Patkura polls, all the Odisha Government’s declared projects were not fulfilled, claimed by Pradhan.

For Tirtol polls, there was a virtual rally organized. While referring to the 119 crore bridges over Mahanadi, he said people believed that the promises made by the state government to make all those projects were not accomplished and were made in vain. The announcement of the Mahanadi Bridge was made in a hurried manner keeping the upcoming polls, Pardhan claimed further.

By seeking votes for Rajkishore Behera, a party candidate, he urged people to uphold the hands of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

He further said that the disinclination of the government to execute Ayushman Bharat Yojana in Odisha had cost the people, mostly the migrants. “The Centre has been pushing the state government but in vain. Had these migrants been covered under this central scheme, they would have received Rs 5 lakh”.  He further said by attacking the state government that misgovernance and unconcerned have cost a lot to the people of Odisha. “Even during the COVID-19 period, the Odisha government tricked the people. Funds from the center are being robbed and used for filling one’s pocket”.

He further talks about the rise in unemployment in Odisha because of the inadequacy of the state government. And because of this, the people are incurring a lot of losses and are jobless. This leads to migrants from state to state in search of work. He even said that voting for Congress means assuring the victory of the BJD, and because of that, many members joined the BJP party.

On 3rd November, the Bypolls to Tirtol and Balasore are programmed.

Article Written by Dikhya Mohanty

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Central Assisted 36 Crore For Tiger & Elephant Conservation In Odisha

Central Assisted 36 Crore For Tiger and Elephant Conservation In Odisha

Union Minister Dharmendra Pradhan expressed Conservation In Odisha, that Odisha is a very must recipient of the Central Assistance for the Integrated Development of Wildlife Habitats (IDWH), so a sponsored scheme by the Centre in which IDWH funds will be used in many wildlife programs.

Those programs include Project Tiger, Project Elephant, and Development of Wildlife Habitats (DWH). Dharmendra Pradhan further informed that the Narendra Modi Government has been giving the significant superiority for this species conservation. In 2019-20 and 2020-21, the Ministry of Environment and Forest has provided over 36 crores to Odisha to the conservation of Tiger and Elephant, so we all know that these are the highly endangered wild animals.   

Central Assisted 36 Crore For Tiger & Elephant Conservation In Odisha

In the Project Tiger Scheme, the aid was 26.87 crore, out of which 11.19 crore was allotted to Satkosia Tiger Reserve during the past two years. And an amount of 15.68 crores was allotted for the Similipal Reserve. In 2017-18 the assistance was increased from 9.17 crore to 16.46 crore and later came down to 10.22 crore in 2018-19. But last year, the amount was 13.03 crore. Even the fund for the Tiger Reserve was increased from 282.57 crores to 300 crores during the current fiscal year. An amount of 9.68 crores from the Centre has been approved under Project Elephant, which will substantially help the Odisha Government administer with the man-elephant dispute.

Pradhan Tweeted in his Twitter account, “Over Rs 35 crore has been released to Odisha by GOI between 2019-21 under Centrally sponsored schemes for tiger and elephant conservation. Modi govt’s consistent efforts are ensuring that tigers continue to roar in the jungle”.

He further said that the Modi Government’s main reason is to increase forest sanctuary, compensatory afforestation, and green skill development, producing a nature-friendly eco-system and creating new opportunities for our youths. It is very much important to conserve wildlife and give more effort to environmental sustainability.

Article Written by Dikhya Mohanty

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Union Government Nominated Puri Beach For 'Blue Flag' Tag

Union Government Nominated Puri Beach For ‘Blue Flag’ Tag

The Union Government has nominated the Country’s seven seashores and Puri Sea Beach to the International Jury of Denmark under the ‘Blue Flag’ Tag to the shorelines under the Beach Environment & Aesthetic Management System (BEAMS).

This Tag elevates environmental protection and conservation of natural resources in coordination with the UN’s sustainable development goals. If the other beaches, along with Puri sea beach, get this ‘Blue Flag’ Tag, it will be equipped with world-class facilities and further develop new tourism hotspots.

It will also help to encourage sustainable beach tourism in Odisha and other coastal states. SICOM has invested 8.5 crores in developing environment-friendly tourist amenities at the Puri Sea Beach in this initiative.

It has also created facilities like seating places, bathing zones, modern toilets, and pollution-free and beautiful. CCTVs have been installed, and security guards are giving a close watch on the area.

The Union Minister Dharmendra Pradhan thanked Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Union Environment Minister Prakash Jayadekar for nominating the Puri Beach for this Tag. Even the Waste Disposal initiative was also taken to keep the environment clean and even the proper utilization of solar power has helped make the atmosphere eco-friendly.

The ’Blue Flag’ Tag is a certification obtained by a beach or marina or sustainable boating tourism operator and assists as an eco-label. This Tag will be given by the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE), which is a Denmark, based Non-profit Foundation. It sets stringent, Environmental educational, safety-related and access-related criteria that applicants must meet and maintain.

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