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Cause Of Uttarakhand Flood: Climate Change Or Irresponsible Constructions

The extensive mass of ice and frozen mud broke away from a glacier in the Himalayas fell into the lake and the moraine around the lake deflated and a flash flood exploded below the Rishi Ganga River in Uttarakhand on February 7.

The water level of the Dhauli Ganga river at Joshimath streamed at a hazardously high level, rupturing all records, Central Water Commission officials informed that after a part of Nanda Devi glacier broke off in Uttarakhand’s Chamoli district leading to massive floods.

According to the report, more than 152 people who were working inside the tunnels to construct the two hydroelectricity projects downstream are still missing and around 26 have been rescued as of now and ten bodies are found.  One large and ten smaller bridges have been wiped away.

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The horrific incident has grabbed the main headlines and many questions have been arising behind the reason for the incident. Now the Glaciologists are trying to recognize the glacier inside the Nanda Devi Biosphere Reserve that smashed away due to six-decade-high temperatures in January. This had commenced to hollows of meltwater inside the glacier, thus stimulating the breakup and appending to the volume of water in the lake.

Within an hour of the extensive rush of the flood passing, the State Disaster Response Force of Uttarakhand and a unit of the Indo-Tibetan Border Police stationed started rescue operations at the hydroelectricity project sites. They were also accompanied by the Personnel of the National Disaster Response Force along with the army and helicopters. As of now, all the efforts are going on to clear the tunnels and find the missing one.

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As per the previous report, this is not the first incident that the project has provided damages due to unforeseen or redundant flow in the Dhauli Ganga. There have been infrequent occurrences, due to which the 520 MW project has encountered recapitulated procrastination.

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Some have even questioned the construction of dams and roads as the reason for such horrific incidents. The construction of dams and batty road provides a direct consequence on climate change and later leads to such incidents. The Dams and tunnels for hydroelectricity projects as well as roads are being built in the area are overlooking the unsettling outcome on mountain grades. So, the flash flood brought a lot more wreckage and produced a lot more destruction downstream. The experts have been frequently warned against building dams, tunnels, and badly planned roads in the high Himalayas.

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