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Hyderabad -Jeweller -Sets -Guinness -Record -By -Curating -Ring -With -7801- Diamonds

Hyderabad Jewellery Sets Guinness Record By Curating Ring With 7801 Diamonds

Kotti Srikanth has made it to the Guinness Book of World Records for curating a diamond ring with the most number of natural 7801 diamonds.

Called ‘The Divine 7801 Brahma Vajra Kamalam’, the flower-shaped ring design process started in September 2018, inspired by Indian culture.

It took Srikanth, owner of The Diamond Store by Chandubhai (a unit of Hallmark Jewellers) in Hyderabad, around 11 months to complete the ring.

“In India we have a tradition of respecting our Gods with garlands of flowers and individual flowers are used as an offering. The flowers signify the essence of purity,” Kotti said, as reported by the guinnessworldrecord.com.

“We worked with many flower-based designs. Of these Camellia design allowed an amalgamation of traditional and contemporary thought and had most visual appeal.”

Once the design was finalized, the Hallmark Jewellers team then used computer-aided technique (CAD) to figure out how many diamonds they would need to create the ring they had designed.

This initial planning process took about 45 days. By March 2019, the ring base was created. After procuring the diamond, the final work started, and in August 2019, the final ring was given finishing touches at their facility in Hyderabad.

I am very honored and thankful to the Guinness World Records for recognizing my passion for creating unique pieces of art. It gives me immense pleasure to get awarded at a global level for a masterpiece I created,” Srikanth quoted.

Written By- Mousami Jena
Image Courtsey -Google