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"All Kids Want Is Happy Parents & Not Perfect Parents."- Saru Mukherjee Sharma, Blogger- Diapers & Lipsticks

“All Kids Want Is Happy Parents and Not Perfect Ones”- Saru Mukherjee Sharma, Blogger- Diapers & Lipsticks

A women’s career is over, once she gives birth to a child.” It is a myth that has been followed as a thumb rule for many decades, throughout the country. However, in this 21st Century, we assuredly are witnessing a slow desist to this absurd saga.

Interview Times had a great conversation with the founder of Diapers & Lipsticks blog- Saru Mukherjee Sharma, a social media influencer who talks about the mental well-being of mothers and other women-related and child-related issues.

This is how the Interview went-

"All Kids Want Is Happy Parents & Not Perfect Ones"-  Saru Mukherjee Sharma, Blogger- Diapers & Lipsticks
“All Kids Want Is Happy Parents & Not Perfect Ones”- Saru Mukherjee Sharma, Blogger- Diapers & Lipsticks

Can you brief about yourself to our readers?

I’m Saru – A mom to a four years old boy Rudraksh and a Digital Content Creator. I talk about subject matters such as modern & natural parenting & Moms Health/Beauty on my page Diapers & Lipsticks. I try to create awareness of how self-care is important for Mother’s mental & physical well being.

What was the idea behind starting the blog diapers and Lipsticks?

During my pregnancy & my initial motherhood days, I was very inquisitive & liked reading blogs & connecting with fellow mothers Worldwide. I felt in India; there aren’t many moms who share their motherhood journey or tips that can help new mothers and decided to create the Page – Diapers & Lipsticks where moms could connect & help each other.

Saru with her son Rudraksh
Saru with her son Rudraksh

The name diapers and Lipstick seems quite uncommon and contrasting. Any specific reason behind the name of your blog?

The idea behind the name was simple – I knew my page wouldn’t be all about parenting only; it will be about me as well & what I like doing. It’s about still keeping the sassy girl alive & how a mother tries to balance both the ends.

In India, irrespective of class, caste, and religion, today, we find many mothers have to sacrifice their professional life after their marriage. How do you think we can bring a stop to this phenomenon?

It’s a sad reality for most countries that women are expected to give up their careers after marriage & baby. And the only way to change this reality is by bringing more awareness and more women coming forward by voicing out about their preferences & career choices, thereby setting examples for other women. The media has the power to bring more such women to the front face & help spread the word.

According to you, what’s the perfect way of balancing personal and professional life after marriage for a woman?

Be it, Women or Men, everyone should sort out their priorities right. Overdoing any of the things is not right for anyone. If you’re overworking, then naturally, your health & relationship will suffer. Maintaining a work-life balance is essential for both genders.

Young mothers often find a dilemma to balance the equilibrium of personal and professional life as her child wants her attention the most. How do you think a young woman can come out of this dilemma and maintain both spheres equally?

It’s true, children are hungry for their parent’s attention, and especially mother’s when they’re young and small. When my son was born, I decided to quit my job and take a break for a while to give my time & attention to my baby in those initial years when they’re proliferating. I wanted to make the most of that time and started blogging as a hobby to pen down my thoughts as a new mother, which eventually became my career.

While children will always be their parent’s top priority, there’s nothing wrong with being ambitious and paying equal attention to their professional life. With a little bit of time management & family support, young mothers can meet both ends.

"All Kids Want Is Happy Parents & Not Perfect Parents."-  Saru Mukherjee Sharma, Blogger- Diapers & Lipsticks
“All Kids Want Is Happy Parents & Not Perfect Parents.”- Saru Mukherjee Sharma, Blogger- Diapers & Lipsticks

How important you find the role of a husband in providing support to his wife, just after the child is born?

I think it’s essential for the spouse to be emotionally & physically available during this time. New mothers are vulnerable after birth & suffer from Postpartum depression while trying to recover through the birthing process. Not having a supportive partner around can make things worse for the new mothers.

Do you think a child’s behavior or personality gets negatively affected if he/she does not get adequate time, love, and support from both or either of a parent during childhood?

Absolutely! It’s a normal human behavior regardless of age and kids since they can’t express how they feel very well, need all the love & attention from their parents. That’s why I believe that either one of the parents should be available with the child in their early years, if possible. Careers can wait, but these precious early years will never be back when they’re developing all the senses & skills, and the right environment & nudge can build the right foundation.

Saru Mukherjee Mompreneur
Saru Mukherjee Mompreneur

How was your experience working with UNICEF and WHO?

It’s truly an honor to be working with UNICEF & WHO. I understand at this time of the pandemic, kids being at home all the time, it’s a difficult time for kids & parents alike. So, being able to share my tips for their Positive Parenting Campaign was a sheer honor.

Any tips to the first time parent (both husband and wife) you want to suggest?

I want to tell new parents to take it easy as no one is born perfect & everybody’s learning. You learn along with your child. All kids want is happy parents & not perfect parents. Let your child explore & support their natural learning skills & curiosity. Be vigilant but don’t be a paranoid parent.

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Interview By- Sayak Karmakar, Resident Editor- Interview Times