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No State For Women: Odisha Witnesses 8 Rapes, 4 Murders A Day In 2020

The second waves hitting in most of the states yielding the terrifying fear of lockdown once again. While some districts considering the night curfew due to the fresh cases of Covid-19 in some areas in the state. Last year the lockdown witnessed an unending number of difficulties, struggles, and crimes in the state.

 People stuck at home due to lockdown led to domestic violence, crime, rape, marital rape, and violence. But even after the upliftment of the lockdown, it didn’t help to make any change on the crime graph. Recently according to Government data, Odisha witnesses at least eight rapes and four murders in a day.

Even State Government’s constant campaign and schemes for women’s protections didn’t have a huge impact as the state witnesses rapes and murders on a daily basis which grab some headlines for few days in the mainstream media but later the matter vanishes into thin air.

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The investigation process and the judiciary system are delayed for such a long time that even people lose their hope to get justice. Recently after 22 years, the main accused in the case of the gang rape of the wife of a former Indian forest Officer has been finally arrested. The case was finally solved almost after two decades.

 Even the Nayagrah rape and murder case of 5 years old Pari was solved with the pressurization of the media and the public. After grabbing eyeballs in the headlines, the Arun Bothra-led Special Investigation Team (SIT) of the Odisha Crime Branch finally cracked the case and determined the involvement of one Saroj Sethy of the locality in the grisly act.

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 Due to the increase in crime rate, the Minister of State for Home Affairs in Odisha Dibya Shankar Mishra informed that the state reported around 2984 rapes in 2020 which portrays that around 8 women witness the crime every day.

Dibya Shankar Mishra’s statement has created a stir among the opposition parties to act as Mishra took no time to target the State Government over the deteriorating law and order situation in Odisha.

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In 2020, the rate of crimes against women has significantly increased as compared to the 2019 report in Odisha. Even as per the NCRB report it was termed that the state has earned the second position in the list of States with maximum harassment cases against women.

Not only in rape cases, but Odisha has also witnessed the increase of other crimes like around 1931 cyber frauds, 17 ATM loots, 5 bank loots, 1490 murders, and 1931 robberies. Mishra stated that more than Rs 35.07 crore has been defrauded in cybercrime cases lodged at various police stations last year. The cybercrime incidents witness a spike of around 23.6 percent between 2019 and 2020.

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Mohan Majhi alleged in the State Assembly that the law and order situation is not in control of the BJD government. And due to the inefficiency of the Odisha Government, the safety and security of people now have become a major concern.

While reiterating the claims Senior Congress MLA Santosh Saluja stated that the State Government has failed to utilize the State Police while the Home Affairs is also not under its control.

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