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Kernel of Entrepreneurship

Kernel of Entrepreneurship

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Rashmi Sahoo, Director of Ruchi&Frozit

Rashmi Sahoo(Kernel of Entrepreneurship) heads the technical and research wings of Ruchi Foods. She has stamped her presence as one of the most successful women entrepreneurs in the country. Despite hailing from a business family, Sahoo learned the ropes on the underpinnings of her own exposure and experience in the business.

Groomed in a family of industrialists she is an expert in international and Indian cuisines. She(Kernel of Entrepreneurship) has been using her talent in enhancing and maintaining the tasty Ready-To-Eat products.

Her knowledge of Nutritional Science has contributed a lot towards maintaining and enhancing the nutritional value of Frozen Ready-to-Eat foodstuff.

A graduate in sociology supplemented with a course in diet & nutrition from the DDCE, Sahoo(Kernel of Entrepreneurship) is also armed with Resource Management in Food Industries at the Central Food Technological Research Institute (CFTRI), Mysore in 2004.

Besides, she is trained in food processing & packaging from Switzerland & Italy. She has extensively researched on Indian & continental cuisine, frozen foods & packed foods.

Sahoo(Kernel of Entrepreneurship) has been recognized and felicitated at various forums both at private and government levels as a Budding Entrepreneur for her contribution to the food processing industry.

She has represented her company at an array of expos- Pack Plus India (2009), International Food Fair (2009), Mega Trade Fair (2010), Indian Science Congress (2012), Aahar International Food & Hospitality Fair (2013), World Food India (2017) and OSUK 2019 at United Kingdom.

After long 43 years of sweat and toil, today Om Oil & Flour Mills Ltd., now popularly known by the brand name “RUCHI” has made a name in every Village & City of Odisha.

It has made a landmark in the history of Odisha Industries as a leading quality food processing Unit.

The seed of Om Oil and Flour Mills Ltd., which was sown on the barren land of industrially backward Odisha in the year 1976, has culminated into a full-grown tree spreading the aroma of the Ruchi Spices to different parts of the globe.

The stamp of Ruchi Brand Spices is clearly impressed not only in Odisha, or India but on the entire world map of the Spices market.

The secret behind the name & success of Ruchi Products is simply its quality and hard work of the management for the last so many years. The man behind the success of the company is none other than Dr. Sarat Kumar Sahoo, the Managing Director.

RUCHI started an Innovative Self-Help Employment Scheme for Women by the name of RUCHI Food Craft Institute (RFCI), a women self-help group involved in Research & Development of RTS (Ready- to-Serve) & RTE (Ready-to-Eat) food and Non-CSD beverages.

With very few employees and automated packaging pilot machines, this unit grew fast in achieving new heights. It also got acclaim and appreciation from the state government.

The moto was to promote self-help employment for women, providing golden chances for young ladies and unemployed women.

RUCHI established the frozen food division – FROZIT, led by its Director Mrs. Rashmi Sahoo(Kernel of Entrepreneurship).

The food processing unit – FROZIT produces healthier, pure and bacteria-free foods and is committed to providing convenient and nutritious foods to Indians.

The frozen food foundation says that “frozen foods are more nutritious and fresh”.

FROZIT follows the internationally recognized HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) system to ensure food safety with the in-line packaging system.

They also apply internationally recognized Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and Critical Control Points (CCPs) to ensure the highest quality of the food and its safety.

To make sure that good food quality is maintained, a quality check is done by the Quality Control Lab, where, every ingredient is checked for quality and safety through various processing stages till the point finished products are packaged and stored safely.

The Lab tests include Microbiological tests, Chemical tests, Spoilage indicators and Nutritional tests to safeguard the quality and safety of the foods.

FROZIT’s packaging guidelines follow the world standard new and improved Transparent Plastic Films, Foils, Laminations, Flexible Films, Thermoplastic Polyester (PET), Food Grade Plastic (HDPE) and Multi-Layered Packaging of food.

The brand has been adding innovative packaging in its fold with an Italian and overseas touch.

The company has adopted a vacuum sealing packaging system that has its own advantages, like the sealing technology removes oxygen from the package before it’s sealed greatly preventing any bacterial or fungi growth and significantly increasing the shelf-life.

The company extends the golden opportunity to provide employment, especially for young ladies and unemployed women to join hands with the organization and help them securing employment and make a decent living.

The company also provides the opportunity to start your own franchise and establish a highly profitable business with a nominal investment.

The brand is planning to open its outlets all across Odisha, it is a golden chance to become your own boss by Recognized Brand, Proven Business Model, and proper training & support.