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Milking Fortune for Farmers

Milking Fortune for Farmers

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By, Itishree Mishra

Surendra Nath, Doodhsagar

To the uninitiated, Surendra Nath’s(Milking Fortune for Farmers) journey is the story of transition from an automobile professional to a dairy entrepreneur. After completing his BTech, Nath joined a corporate house as an automobile executive.

During his stint, he(Milking Fortune for Farmers) was not too glad about the incumbent job. He craved to do something for society. That’s how the seeds of social entrepreneurship were sown.

In 2016, he chucked his job to focus on his dream project. When he initiated his project, his parents suggested doing something on his native soil.

Once he(Milking Fortune for Farmers) moved to his moorings after quitting his corporate job, he realized dairy farmers were deprived of adequate prices. He got a taste of an array of problems the farmers confronted.

For starters, he thought of a pilot project. His entrepreneurial journey commenced with door-to-door delivery of milk, a ritual that perpetuated for a year and a half.

Initially, he delivered two liters of milk. He(Milking Fortune for Farmers) used to source milk from dairy farmers in the vicinity and tasted it before supplying it to his friends and kin.

The response he elicited was very good and the demand for milk rose with every passing day. Soon, he realized that he could scale up and expand operations.

He(Milking Fortune for Farmers) started multiplying and diversifying his sources. Thus, the packaged milk brand “Doodhsagar’’ evolved and hygiene full-fat milk was supplied in Kukudakhandi.

From two liters per day, supplies soared to a whopping 850 liters. Besides the branded milk venture, Nath(Milking Fortune for Farmers) supplies raw and natural cow milk in Berhampur.

“I thought to find out which sector will be benefitting the farmers and needs to be developed”. Since locals immensely profited from the dairy sector, he selected it.

These days, dairy companies are blooming across the state and customers have brands aplenty to choose from. But getting pure cow milk at affordable prices remains a challenge to surmount.

Quality and hygiene top customers’ concerns. While everyone wants pure cow milk, most of the dairy companies are supplying processed milk with a smattering of adulterated material.

Recalls Nath, “When I entered into the diary business, I was unable to digest these things. So, I wished to provide milk within 24 hours to my customers. This was a challenge for me. But I was optimistic about creating logistics where customers will consume the products as soon as possible. Green fodder helps in increasing the milk quantity and it is healthy for the cattle and the taste of the milk is good. So, I am providing green fodder to my farmers”.

Within the space of a year, his two-liter milk business model grew astonishingly into an Rs two crore venture. Success for him is not an easy term to define nor does it connote achievement.

His next strategy is to make ‘Doodhsagar’ available in the franchise model to ramp up business.  In a short span, Nath is eyeing Bhubaneswar, Cuttack and the heritage city of Puri. Also, he plans to launch an app to make key information available to the farmers.

“The dairy sector is one of the best industries to invest your money. Keep patience and be cool. Customers are the best judge for you; they will give the best feedback. Track your problems and analyze them patiently and try to solve out”, he believes.