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TATA -Steels -Rededicate -Dorabji -Tata -Park -In -Jamshedpur

TATA Steels Rededicate Dorabji Tata Park In Jamshedpur

Dorabji Tata Park to the front of Keenan Stadium in the heart of the city, crowned with a ‘Diamond’ in Jamshedpur.

A Diamond Pavilion added to the renovated park that captures the historical context of the Jubilee Diamond to create a timeless monument fabricated with the future material.
The monument of Pavillion is 12 metres in height.

Ruchi Narendran unveiled a statue of Lady Meherbai Tata joined by the Company’s Vice Presidents and R Ravi Prasad, President of Tata Workers’ Union, among other guests.

Because of COVID-19, all the other invitees joined the event through webcasts.
Visitors can now experience amphitheatre within Diamond Pavilion for moment of reflection and quiet.
The central space is for visitors to feel the magnificence of the diamond.

The upgraded park spreading over 2.5 acres now includes a statue of Sir Dorabji’s wife, Lady Meherbai Tata, and steel tubular structure through which the legacy of the famous “Jubilee Diamond” immortalized in steel.

Initially, the park had two rose gardens, three fountains and a life-size statue of Sir Tata. After 25 years, the park was re-envisioned by Architect Nuru Karim and rededicated to the public.

“During the upgradation of the park, a statue of Lady Meherbai Tata, wife of Sir Tata, has been added, along with a spectacular steel tubular structure and pavilion to capture the legacy of the famous Jubilee Diamond,” said an official of Tata Steel

It is known to be designed by famous architect Nuru Karim. The Diamond Structure and the Pavilion form an integral part of the overall redesign of Sir Dorabji Tata Park.

Tata Steel has been associated with most iconic structures of India like the Howrah Bridge in Kolkata, The Butterfly Park in Bengaluru, Bandra-Worli Sea Link, an award-winning steel sculpture depicting the “Gandhian Charkha” at the Oval Maidan in Mumbai and “The Rath” at the Biju Patnaik Park in Bhubaneswar.

Written By- Mousami Jena
Image Courtsey- Google