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State Leadership Award- Valuing legacy in Business, Dr Sunil Murarka, MD, Muskan Group

Valuing legacy in Business, Dr Sunil Murarka, MD, Muskan Group

Carrying ahead the legacy of your predecessors is a colossal responsibility. On the one hand, one needs to sustain the growth momentum of the organization, and on the other hand, the person requires to expand the company to leave behind a legacy of his own. There are very few people who have succeeded to carry the legacy of their ancestors forward and build their own footprint. One living legend exemplifies this rare virtue. He is none other than Dr Sunil Murarka, the MD of Muskan Group.

Dr Murarka has always idolized his father Late Biswanath Murarka. The way Mr Biswanath Murarka relocated from Kolkata to Odisha with a paltry Rs 500 in hand and built Muskaan biscuits after years of hard toil is an immense inspiration which spurs Dr Sunil Murarka every day. 

Valuing legacy in Business, Dr Sunil Murarka, MD, Muskan Group
Valuing legacy in Business, Dr Sunil Murarka, MD, Muskan Group

It was not an easy task for Dr Murarka to fill in the shoes of his father. Late Biswanath Murarka was a man of ethics and wanted his son to toil hard before catapulting to the topmost position of Muskaan Group. Therefore after finishing his BCom from Ravenshaw University, Sunil Murarka had to first participate as a trainee under the tutelage of his father to know the nitty-gritty of their business and dynamics of the professional ecosystem. It was a prominent learning curve for Dr Sunil who experienced the nuances of how the business works.
Today, Dr Sunil Murarka is a living inspiration for thousands of enthusiastic entrepreneurs. Within a couple of decades, he has steered Muskaan Group as one of the fastest-growing FMCG companies in India. In Odisha, Muskaan Group is the only major FMCG Company. The colossal growth of Muskaan Group can be credited to the far-sighted strategy and awareness of Dr Sunil.
However, it was not a fairy tale spin for Sunil Murarka when he first took the mantle as an MD of Muskaan Group after completing his CS course. In fact, he got a lot of job offers from highly reputed IT firms all across the globe. However, he wanted to shoulder and develop the legacy of his father. Therefore, he joined Muskaan Group and the rest is history.
In fact, according to Dr Sunil Murarka, he had to commence from scratch when he took charge of an MD. It was a wholly new environment for him and the mandate was demanding. The initial challenge was to size up the rivals. The latter challenges were to make Muskaan a pan India company and expand its products. However, it was the grit, determination and hard work of Sunil Murarka that helped him to achieve all of the challenges.
Today Muskaan Group is not only restricted to biscuits. No doubt, the company produces one of the best-made biscuits in India. However, today Muskaan has expanded its product range to snacks and spices as well. While Muskaan snacks were introduced in 2014, Muskaan entered into the spices venture in 2020.

Valuing legacy in Business, Dr Sunil Murarka, MD, Muskan Group
Valuing legacy in Business, Dr Sunil Murarka, MD, Muskan Group

Today, Muskaan Group produces over 25 high-quality varieties of snacks like chips, corn, fried peanuts and many more. Also, in the world of spice, it produces over 120 varieties which get exported nationwide and outside India as well. Today Muskaan Group is not only a driving force of the economy in Odisha but a major FMCG venture at the national level, exporting its products to five international countries.
As a visionary entrepreneur, Murarka has set his future goals to incorporate varieties of food products such as cookies, pasta, semolina, and soft drinks in Muskaan Group very shortly. Such is the dedication of this living legend.

Image Source- Muskaan Group

Interview By- Sayak Karmakar, Resident Editor, Interview Times