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Hijab or No Hijab: Every Girl is entitled to her right to education

In India, a country that gloats on its community, inclusivity is imagined much of the time, particularly the scholastic ones. The greatest test with inclusivity is inviting heterogeneity, which is clearly not every person’s favorite. The recent Karnataka Hijab row has shaken the core fabric of Indian oneness. Hijab or No Hijab: Every Girl is entitled to her right to education.

For what reason does somebody’s clothing even grab away one’s right to educate oneself? The inquiry is basic and direct, what’s the real issue that requires consideration and voices: is that the hijab the Muslim ladies are wearing, or the education hardship they’ve looked for some time now? Yet, we are concerned, and as politically robust citizens of India, we need to ask, is this each of the political plans that are depicting this mayhem as something rude and as an issue of inhouse school consistency?

At this stage in India, across every one of the states, independent of religions, there have been defensive patriarchal families who have bound their little girls across ages to specific limitations in every one of the fields they need to seek after and education has never been an exemption for that moderate treatment. It was an obvious instance of a philosophy loaded up with disdain which is demolishing the social texture, making a mutual split between the guiltless students. Actually, the majority of our future minds are being stomped on to hold onto the respect and success of people of the minorities.

As the rights from the constitution of India are being disregarded, by and large, the conservative right-wing is leaning to some way or another assault the minorities and sow a seed of frailty in the hearts of the students from a specific community. The issue is delayed significantly more. Educational foundations are intended to help us to be illuminated citizens, democracy, safeguard one another, and save the key qualities that are revered in our constitution. We figure out how to battle for truth and equity, not to battle one another. Our schools, universities, and colleges are the means by which turning into places of refuge for the political issues and savagery.

We figure out how to battle for truth and equity, not to battle one another.

Uniform measures for learned. The digital divide in India is so distinct and suicides saw an enormous spike during COVID. Two years down the line, we are proceeding to expand on a cracked framework. We should not discuss the amazing shortfall of a reasonable game plan to compensate for the learning misfortune during COVID. Rather than accepting diversity and praising equality, we are getting students far from study halls an extraordinary abnormality that one considers the “Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao” trademark recited by the Hon’ble Prime Minister of the country.

We feign about women empowerment the entire day, with this spoiled brain, how would you anticipate that a nation should stand its place among others when a piece of material and the organization’s rules and restrictions play more significant parts than education? As is commonly said, I come from two Indians, one where we talk about women empowerment, and afterward wind up faking it by sharing our advantage more on Us up against Them political issues. However this thought of a guard dog state may appear to be idealistic at this point, yet every individual ought to have the chance to carry on with a life where they are educated to settle on decisions for themselves, and the obligation of the state should be restricted to guaranteeing security to carry on with such a life and ensuing decisions.

Aishwarya Samanta

Karnataka’s “AJJI”  donates land to build schools


There are several people who often become extra ordinary by their deeds. The compassion and love they have in their mind for others makes them do wonders from time to time. This story is about Huchchamma Chowdri . Huchuchamma Chowdri hails from Karnataka and she her fondness for children was seen by all. She has given away everything , so that kids of the village could attend school and complete their education .Huchuchamma Chowdri donated a land worth One Crore Ruppees to build school and playground for children in Kunikeri Village of Haveri District Karnataka. The old women had no children and she worked hard and cooked mid day meals for a school. She owned two acres of Land and she donated it to The Government who was looking for land for making schools for children. Huchuchamma Chowdri was lovingly called “AJJI” by the people in the village.

It is correctly said that a man does not become rich by money, but becomes rich by the work.

Subhechcha Ganguly

Bharat Bandh Draws Tepid Acknowledgment In Karnataka

Bharat Bandh Draws Tepid Acknowledgment In Karnataka

The nationwide Bharat Bandh created a lot of stir not only in India but throughout the globe. The nationwide strike was announced for protesting against the new farmer’s Bill passed by the Central Government. The farmers from Punjab have marched towards Delhi by walk to meet the government officials and withdraw the Bill.

Bharat Bandh Draws Tepid Acknowledgment In Karnataka
Bharat Bandh Draws Tepid Acknowledgment In Karnataka

The nationwide Bharat Bandh was expected to create a lot of stir. No doubt, the strike has a lot of effect in the northern regions of the country; however, down south, it has received a lukewarm response. Especially in Karnataka, there was nothing as much entropy as was expected.

Bharat Bandh Draws Tepid Acknowledgment In Karnataka
Picture Credit ANI

Except for minor incidences where leaders are asking shopkeepers to close their shops, districts like Mandya, Hassan, Mysuru, and other rural parts enjoyed the freedom and worked like a usual working day.

Bharat Bandh Draws Tepid Acknowledgment In Karnataka
Bharat Bandh Draws Tepid Acknowledgment In Karnataka

Like Bengaluru, almost all major cities — Managluru, Hubli-Dharwad, Belagavi — did not evoke much of a response here too. All government offices, banks, and shops were functioning normally.

Image Source- ANI and Google

Article by- Sayak Karmakar, Resident Editor, Interview Times

CBI Raids Congress Chief DK Shivakumar In Karnataka, Mumbai And Delhi

The CBI started raids early today in a purported corruption case against Karnataka Congress chief DK Shivakumar in Karnataka, Mumbai and Delhi.

The present raids – being carried out at 14 premises – have been called by the Congress as an “endeavor to crash our groundwork for bypolls” in Karnataka.

The purported corruption case was enrolled by the CBI dependent on the sources of info shared by the Enforcement Directorate over a tax evasion test.

“CBI has registered a case against then Minister of Karnataka Government and others on the allegations of acquisition of disproportionate assets. Searches are being conducted today at 14 locations including nine in Karnataka, four in Delhi, and one in Mumbai,” the probe agency said this morning in a statement. 

A year ago, the 58-year-old Karnataka Congress chief was booked by the Enforcement Directorate following four days of addressing over tax evasion charges.

The September 2019 booked includes tax raids on Mr Shivakumar in 2017, when Rs 8.6 crore in “undisclosed earnings” was purportedly found. The figure was overhauled to Rs 11 crore later. The Enforcement Directorate had recorded an money laundering case against Mr Shivakumar in 2018, in view of a chargesheet documented by the Income Tax office.

During the money laundering probe, the Enforcement Directorate had sent a portion of their findings to the CBI a year ago. This is the main CBI case against the 58-year-old Congress pioneer.

A few groups from Delhi, Maharashtra started the pursuits at around 6:30 am, as per the sources. Aside from DK Shivakumar, premises of his relatives and his partners are likewise being probed. About Rs 50 lakh have been seized so far from the 14 locations. Bypolls will be held in Karnataka on November 3. The Congress has regularly asserted the CBI is being utilized by the BJP to focus on the opponents.

Reacting to the quests, ex-Karnataka CM Siddaramaiah tweeted: “@BJP4India has consistently attempted to enjoy malicious politics and deceived public . The most recent CBI raids on @KPCCPresident @chanderveer-singhDKShivakuma ‘s house is another endeavor to crash our groundwork for bypolls. I firmly denounce this.”