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US Administrative removes Trump’s wax statue from Texas museum

A wax statue of former US President Donald Trump has been removed from the museum. A museum in the city of Texas had a wax statue of Trump. Along with Trump were statues of Russian President Vladimir Putin and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. In the past few days, however, there has been a steady stream of attacks on Trump’s statues. So it was decided by the administration to remove it.

Attacks on Trump’s statue have been on the rise for the past few days. Clay Stuart, the regional manager of Ripple Entertainment, said some people slapped him in the face. There is a high risk of such an attack if there is a statue of any politician.

According to reports, the statue has been moved to Lewis Tussauds. Trump’s statue will not be available until the new President Joe Biden arrives at the museum. Biden’s statue is now under construction.

Image Source: CNN

Notably, according to several survey reports, Trump’s popularity has waned since the violence in the Capital Building this year. Sixty eight percent of Americans say they no longer want to see Trump as a politician after the violence by Trump supporters.

The statue of Trump was removed from the Madame Tussauds Museum before the US presidential election last year. Joe Biden defeated Trump in 2020 to become President of the United States. Similarly, Kamala Harris became Vice President.