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The takeaway from the final US presidential debate 2020


US presidential debate 2020, president Donald Trump and his Democratic rival Joe Biden, the vice – president met for their final debate on Thursday at Nashville for the presidential election to be scheduled on November 3rd.

The major takeaways from the debate include :

  1. Will choose science over fiction, hope over fear and move forward, says Biden

2. We’ve to make country the way it was before the ‘plague’ came in from China: Trump

3. We have best carbon emissions in 35 years; look at China, India. their air is filthy

4. Donald Trump says he’s the ‘least racist person in this room’

5. My first glimpse of Black Lives Matter was of them insulting police: Trump

6. You did a terrible job and that’s why I had to run: Trump

7. We will change the system, says Biden; why didn’t you do it earlier, asks Trump

8. Biden rejects Trump’s allegations, accuses Trump of saying ‘there are not enough people in jails’

9. Donald Trump says no President, except may be Abraham Lincoln, has done more for the black community

10. In 1994, Biden called black community ‘super predators’: Trump

11. Joe Biden says there’s ‘institutional racism’ in America

12. A black parent has to teach their children not to have hoodie on in the street: Biden

13. He was vice president for eight years , he did nothing; doesn’t know immigration law: Trump

14. Children from abroad brought to the US by coyotes, cartels, says Trump; their parents brought them here: Biden

15. We now have the strongest borders we’ve ever had: Trump

16.First responders deserve minimum wage of 15 dollars: Biden

17. Biden says we should be bailing out small businesses ‘right now’

18. When he talks about public option, he’s trying to destroy the country: Trump

19. Will pass Obamacare with public option to make it ‘Bidencare’: Biden

20. I’d like to come up with a better, brand new health care: Trump

21. Trump says Obamacare is ‘no good’, what we’d like to do is terminate it

22. I will make China play by rules, Trump makes friends with ‘thugs’ like Putin and Kim: Biden

23. Biden says his son Hunter didn’t do anything ‘wrong’ in Ukraine

24. My son has not made any money from China, only President Trump did: Biden

25. I’ve prepaid my taxes, says Trump; you’re not or you are paying low taxes, Biden responds

26. Have not taken a single penny from any country whatsoever: Biden

27. There has been no one ‘tougher’ on Russia than me: Donald Trump

28. Any interference in US elections won’t be tolerated: Biden

29. Biden says Trump knew in January what was going on, says Americans didn’t panic, Trump did

30. Trump says New York is turning into ‘ghost town’

31. Can’t close down the country or people will start committing suicide, says Trump

32. It’s not my fault, it’s not Joe’s fault, it’s China’s fault the disease came to the US: Trump

33. We can’t close our nation, 99.9% people recover; we can’t stay in basement like Joe Biden: Trump

34. We’ve done everything he (Biden) wanted us to do: Trump

35. We’re ready to go soon as we have a vaccine, says Trump; he doesn’t have a plan, responds Biden

36. Anyone who is responsible for 2.2 million deaths has no right to stay, Joe Biden

37. Will ensure everyone wears mask and move towards rapid testing: Joe Biden

38. A vaccine is ready, it will come soon, says Trump

39. We had to close our economy due to this horrible disease that has come from China, says Trump

40. The final debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden begins; Trump to speak first

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