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Taste Twist: Dhenkanal’s Kulhad coffee


Tea or coffee can be unarguably termed as the most popular drink of the people of our country.

There are numerous health benefits linked to the drinking of both beverages regularly. And in India, we can find a tea or coffee stall at any corner. 

Manas Pani, a native of Dhenkanal, and who is selling tea and coffee since last five years in front of Tehsil office Dhenkanal went to find out something interesting to lure his customers after a few customers hesitated to use the glass containers during the pandemic, which is actually washed and reused. Since the covid-19 pandemic arrived in India,  the overall business of the tea and coffee sellers have been affected drastically, and Manas’s shop was not exceptional.

Taste Twist: Dhenkanal's Kulhad coffee 1
Picture credit – Dibya Prakash Behera

And after the lockdown when businesses started to resume, Manas was too anticipated to start his business again, but during the early days of opening, he noticed a few customers are hesitating to drink the beverages in the old glass containers, for which he thought of using, “clay tea cups” instead of a glass and paper, which went on a hit across the town. 

Taste Twist: Dhenkanal's Kulhad coffee 2

” After I opened my, a few costomer hesitated to drink in glass cups, so I thought of using clay cups, which gives my tea and coffee a new look and making is different from others” said Manas, the shop owner.

Taste Twist: Dhenkanal's Kulhad coffee 3

” Not only it lures my costomer as well it helps the poor potters to earn something, for which I am really happy, the cost is cheap, and it is easily biodegradable, which gives it an edge” he added.

Everyday hundreds of people flocks to his tea shop to have a cup of “kulhad chai/coffee.” Kulhad is traditionally used to serve tea/coffee in Indian subcontinent, and usually consider as a better option to Plastic cups.

Taste Twist: Dhenkanal's Kulhad coffee 4

Chinmay, a customer said, ” we are now coming here regularly to have this special kulhad coffee, which indeed makes this placed different and unique from others.”

Everyday Manas is happily serving his customers with the special kulhad tea/coffee, earning a new identity in the town.

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