Teachers at a school in Jajpur utilise the classroom door as a chalkboard.


The 5T programme has been embraced by the Odisha government in an effort to improve school facilities and instil intelligence in publicly funded educational institutions. With kids in a Jajpur-based school using a classroom door as a blackboard, the much-touted 5T system has fallen short of expectations.The ground report is quite alarming at a time when the state government asserts that it spends enormous sums of money for the purpose of the overall development of the education sector.

Infrastructure problems are affecting the Hingula Uchha Vidyapith, which is part of the Hingula Panchayat and was transformed as part of the government’s 5T plan. Recently, a video showing a teacher putting questions on a classroom door without a whiteboard has gained attention.Students in classes I through VIII were reportedly expected to show up for the exams on Monday. In this regard, a notification had also been published. Students arrived at school on time to take the exam, but they were forced to wait while they waited because the school administration did not give them their question papers. They later received answer sheets on which to record their responses.

When word spread that pupils were missing their exam papers, villagers and parents of students went to the school. Parents were calmed by the school administration’s assurance that test questions will be written on the board. In the absence of a blackboard, teachers eventually administered tests by writing the questions on the door of the classroom. It has been discovered that it occurs frequently. The classroom door is utilised year-round in the absence of blackboards.


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