The Bihar cabinet approves new regulations for hiring teachers with a 4% increase in DA


In Bihar, the government may now post job openings for the hiring of teachers in elementary, secondary, and upper secondary institutions. The new service conditions guideline for government school teachers was approved by the Bihar cabinet on Monday. Due to controversies surrounding the current process of hiring through Panchayati Raj institutions, the new recruiting guidelines call for the appointment of teachers through a central process. Now, teachers will be hired by a commission that will be established in due course. Teachers at public schools will be on par with those working for the state government and would have their own district cadre.

Tejashwi Yadav’s deputy’s office announced the decision and stated that the commission would be used to hire thousands of teachers. Tejashwi Yadav tweeted, “Teachers would be given the status of state employees, which will offer for good remuneration and all facilities. By completing a test administered by BPSC, former employed instructors can also become regular teachers. The Bihar government has declared plans to hire 48,762 elementary teachers, 5,886 physical education trainers, 40,506 head teachers, 44,193 secondary school teachers, 89,734 higher secondary school teachers, and 7,360 computer teachers in the 2022–23 Budget. Also, the government declared that it would hire more than 6,000 new headmasters for renovated higher secondary schools.

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