The buried gold treasure in Madhya Pradesh


The estimated age of the lakhs worth of gold is more than 200 years.Eight workers hired to dig and excavate an old plot of land in preparation for new construction briefly experienced a happy moment when they discovered a very old gold treasure and decided to take it all home.The eight were given the assignment to work on a 2,600 square foot plot of land in Dhar after discovering a metallic object that contained gold jewellery and 84 gold coins. In the same location, they also discovered two more gold pieces. The employees chose to divide the prized possession and keep it for themselves instead of reporting it to the authorities.

When one of the employees sold a coin worth 56,000 yen to pay off a debt, he could not keep the news to himself and told too many people about his good fortune, which led to the police receiving a tip. Following notification, the Indore office of the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) was able to recover the remaining 2 gold pieces in addition to 83 coins. Ashutosh Mahashabde, the director of ASI Indore, also disclosed that digging was being done to look for any additional treasure that might be hidden within the plot.The Indian Treasure Trove Act of 1878 mandates that anyone who discovers a treasure worth more than 10 INR  must notify the district administration, and the workers were soon detained as a result. The finder must also take responsibility for depositing the item with the district revenue officials or agree to present it to officials upon request. On payment of the treasure’s value plus a 20% premium, the government retains the right to purchase it.

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