The fulcrum in BJD’s power matrix

The fulcrum in BJD's power matrix

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Pranab Prakash Das, Organisational Secretary at BJD

Former energy minister and the lynchpin of BJD’s organizational structure Pranab Prakash Das(The fulcrum in BJD’s power matrix) coronation as the party’s organizational secretary is emblematic of the paradigm shift sweeping the Naveen Patnaik led regional grouping.

Das(The fulcrum in BJD’s power matrix) has been purportedly close to the Chief Minister cum party supremo and has played a stellar role in steering the party organization from grassroots to the uppermost echelons.

Patnaik has reorganized the BJD on the lines of rival BJP that have created the post of organizational secretary.

Though the party has vice presidents and general secretaries, Das’ elevation to the rank of organizational secretary signals a new wave of change.

For all practical purposes of party organization, Pranab Prakash Das(The fulcrum in BJD’s power matrix) is the second in command within the BJD, next only to party chieftain Naveen Patnaik.

Giving him an enormous vote of approbation, Patnaik said, “The young leader (Pranab Prakash Das) has worked very hard during 2014 and 2019 elections and also during the by-polls. He will oversee the overall work of the organization”.

Das(The fulcrum in BJD’s power matrix) first got the plum ministerial berths of energy, electronics & IT and women & child development in 2014 after winning as an MLA for the second consecutive term.

With his dynamism and unrivaled organizational skills, Das has led BJD to spectacular electoral successes in 2019 elections as well as the three-tier panchayat polls where the BJP was gaining rapid strides.

Pranab Prakash Das(The fulcrum in BJD’s power matrix), 47, is the son of Janata Dal heavyweight Ashok Das, a close accomplice of Biju Patnaik. Though the senior Das never joined the BJD cadre, his son has vowed unswerving fealty for Naveen Patnaik.

Das is counted as the coterie of influential politicians and bureaucrats who are running the show for the Naveen led government and fashioning colossal victories at the hustings.

Das was instrumental in ensuring a massive win for the BJD at Patkura by-polls in the 2019 elections.

Even though the BJD had scripted a landslide triumph in 2019 elections, Patkura was keenly watched and its electoral outcome had palpable ramifications for both the BJP and the BJD.

The assiduous efforts by Das to connect with the voters and spreading the word on exemplary work done by the Naveen Patnaik outmaneuvered the BJP.

Even old warhorse and one of the titans of Odisha politics Bijoy Mohapatra was humbled by Pranab Prakash’s organizational juggernaut.

During his tenure as energy and IT minister, Pranab Prakash got top billing. As a minister, he went on an overdrive to ensure 100 percent rural electrification.

He(The fulcrum in BJD’s power matrix) set in motion several comatose schemes to strengthen the state grid and ensure electricity for all. It was Das who scripted the revival of IT projects that were in limbo for years.

With his sunny smile and affable manners, Das forged a deep connection with the bigwigs of the IT industry. His role was pivotal in establishing the electronics manufacturing cluster on the outskirts of Bhubaneswar.

The ecosystem offering complete plug and play ambiance has drawn some of the most sought after companies in electronics and mobile handset manufacturing.

After excelling in his role as the diligent minister, Pranab Prakash did the Chief Minister’s bidding to focus wholeheartedly on party organizational work.

His(The fulcrum in BJD’s power matrix) task as the organizational vanguard was cut out- to curb a rampaging BJP and decimate the Congress riven by intra-party skirmishes. And, he achieved both with panache.

The latest elevation to the organizational secretary is a testament to his unmatched commitment. With the party boss firmly rooting for him, who knows the young politician may be promoted as ‘Acting President’.

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