The Future lies with electric vehicles



Nihar Panda ( CEO and Founder )

In the fast changing world there is always a scope for improvement that comes from innovation but here is a startup offering electric vehicles in contrast to the global climate changing environment. It is Odisha own startup as Sky Rider. It has offer many hopes to youngsters as believing the founder of its Mr.Nihar  Panda stresses that the life cycle emissions of electric vehicles are lower than those of conventional vehicles .Electric vehicles are also the way of the future since they require less energy than conventional vehicles with internal combustion engines.Prior to  the market share of electric cars will increase from 3% in 2015 to 23% in 2025.its a roaring market.


Q1 : How did you come up with the idea for your business? Tell us about your journey.

Since my childhood I was very much interested in automobiles. I enjoyed building automobiles. In my undergrad days, I would often visit scrapyards, collect scrap items and make vehicles out of them. I have made 2 such vehicles which were operational and have brought me recognition. After completing undergrad I did get a job but I didn’t enjoy and still was attracted at building automobiles. Hence, I wanted to follow my passion. I read out forefathers of automobiles and I was amazed to find out that large automotive giants were formed in the same way. That inspired me and I found my calling and started Sky Rider Institutions a skill training institute. After garnering funds we established Sky Rider Electric.

Q2 : How did you think up to establish your firm in 2015 when there was little opportunity for building an electric vehicle in the dominated petroleum oleum industry?

Opportunity is never something that knocks at your doors. Moreover, Odisha is a place where people believe in starting up businesses in which they are best for longer sustainment. Me being best with automobiles, I decided to do something in my field of expertise. Since I was strong with automobiles I was quite confident that I would succeed .

Q3 : How did you build a successful customer base?

In Odisha, we had the first-mover advantage. We are the only brand developing, innovating and supplying EVs at an economical rate. Along with that, increasing fossil fuel prices also helped us in penetrating the market.

Q4: What strategies did you first use to market your business?

Bootcamps, digital marketing and offline marketing were our go-to option. But we got the boost because of an even that took place in Odisha wherein the Hon’ble Governor of Odisha and Hon’ble CMO moved around in our vehicles in the events. That provided us a hug publicity.

Q5 : what motivates you to be focused in your job profile?

Motivation is never a question when you’re chasing your passion. This is what I’ve wanted to do always. My profession is my motivation.

Q6 : What have you enjoyed most about starting your own company?

I was a born entrepreneur. I always wanted the freedom of working. When you start a company satisfying your customers with your products become the most enjoyable thing. Launching new products, testing them out provides me with highest level of enjoyment.

Q7 : How do you deal with  your tough times?

Every organization has a good times and then there are bad times. Being a person with a lot of perseverance, I know that hard times never last long. To boost the morale, I get down to my team members and try to spend good amount of time and motivate them.

Q8: What business-related plans do you have for the future, including any plans to grow your company?

We have planned to revolutionize the last-mile connectivity industry. With our products and plans headed fast at it. Developing charging stations, sustainable mobility are few of our future plans.

Q9: How did you come up with the name for your company?

In my college days we along with few of my friends used to fly RC planes. We had also taken part in RC plane racing competitions. Since then we had been named as Team Sky Rider. Post my graduation, when I decided to start a company I named it as Sky Rider as there trademark on the name Sky Rider.

Q10 : What advice would you give for making career in start up world?

Entrepreneurship is not something you choose, entrepreneurship chooses you. Never get into it for earning money. But if you have the will power of solving a real problem, then I would suggest to get into business and be an entrepreneur. In this case, you wouldn’t be targeted at earning money, money will be a by-product.


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